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OPINION — As the cost of living rises across the nation, families face tougher financial situations and shrinking budgets. If this is the case, then how are some people growing their wealth faster than ever? The answer is through investment into industries that are resistant to inflation.

Under Trump, many were satisfied with the low gas prices he managed to maintain as the price per gallon never rose above $4 during his term. Many appreciated affordable groceries and energy costs that allowed them to live more comfortably and spend their money on other aspects of their life.

After President Biden took office in January of 2021 people began to wonder what life would be like in the coming months and years with the economy in his hands. Since he took office inflation has increased at an average of 7.65%  each year and has cost the average American family roughly $6,000 a year. Families across the nation are suffering from the effects of the pricing increases. However, the wealthy and those with significant investments in real estate and certain industries in the stock market have benefited from growing costs.

Property owners have seen a large growth in their property values in the last couple of years as home prices have risen on average of $100,000, which is five times the national average before Biden took office. For the upper class who own several homes and properties, this has added significant value to their net worth. Similarly, stock owners and investors have seen noteworthy increases in the value of their portfolios.

Market factors push the prices of consumer goods higher and to compensate companies increase their prices for goods and services. This has led to rising company values with the holders of company stock reaping the benefits. The more money one has invested in a company the more they have been able to profit.

An example is the automotive industry. As the price of producing a vehicle rises, manufacturers are selling them to dealerships for more. Since supply is low and demand is high consumers continue to purchase at increasing prices. This then benefits the company’s stockholders because the company becomes more valuable since it is making more money from raising its prices. Its shareholders then grow richer.

Inflation has been costly for many people and families in the country, but for some, it has had more benefits than harm. Those who could afford to invest in real estate or specific areas of the stock market such as the food industry or automotive production industry prior to the major price increases have profited and those of the wealthy class who own many of these stocks and several properties have gained the most. Prior to inflation, if invested in the right areas, the more someone could afford to put in, the richer they become.

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