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Racine Roundup

The Racine Roundup* aired on TMJ4 during the 4 O’Clock news on Thursday, Dec. 8. This week, Racine County Eye Web Editor Loren Lamoreaux discussed various stories with TMJ4 anchors, Steve Chamraz and Susan Kim.

*Due to technical difficulties this week, the Racine Roundup was problematic; our first two stories were covered, but we were unable to provide full coverage of the Jamestown Lights and the new addition, the Heritage Avenue Holiday Lights, make sure to read about them right here to get all of the details.


The business spotlight of the week is Luberry’s, 532 N Pine St, in Burlington. The curated home décor store consists of vintage items, antiques, primitives, seasonal décor, and more. This artisan brings her craft and knack for collecting to the area as a source of local goods, both from the past and present. Read her story online.

Santa Does Exist fundraiser

During the Racine Roundup, the staff at TMJ4 and at the Racine County Eye talked about a fundraiser happening in Racine this holiday season. Racine’s very own, Liamani Segura is partnering with Rapcine, an organization run by Racine local, Jesse Booker, to ensure her neighbors know that Santa Does Exist. The 14-year-old pop star and actress is using her platform to drive donations to this fundraiser.

The cause gives back to families in need by providing them with $250 Target gift cards around Christmastime. Profits raised through Santa Does Exist are raised by community members for community members. If you contribute at least $20, you are able to nominate a family. Make a donation by reading their story here.

Jamestown Lights

Racine Roundup, Jamestown Lights
Since we weren’t able to air the photos of the new addition to the Jamestown Neighborhood lights, here are a few images and short videos to whet your holiday-light-viewing appetites. – Credit: Grayson Kirchenberg

Chamraz and Kim wrapped up the segment by sharing information with viewers about the lights in the Jamestown Neighborhood. The 13th season of the Jamestown Lights are underway. The show stretches across 6+ backyards.

Not only can you watch the lights change from color to color, but you can hear the lights too. Also in the Jamestown Neighborhood is the Heritage Avenue Holiday Lights programmed and put together by a local 13-year-old.

Details about when and where to watch the show is on our website.

Credit: Grayson Kirchenberg
Credit: Grayson Kirchenberg
Racine Roundup, Jamestown Lights
Another view of Grayson’s hard work. – Credit: Grayson Kirchenberg

About the segment

Each week a Racine County Eye staff member will share in-depth information on select stories from the week in our collaboration we call the Racine Roundup.

These stories have been curated to highlight what’s happening throughout Racine County. The news report will focus on providing solution-based journalism to readers and listeners in Racine County, reaching a larger audience throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

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