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Talking about mental health has become less stigmatized, especially since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic. Stress, anxiety and depression are something no one wants to experience during the holidays. However, far too often, the symptoms of these conditions overwhelm people. The holidays can be difficult due to financial troubles, the loss of loved ones, illnesses and other relevant traumas.

The Mayo Clinic weighs in on this important topic, sharing 10 tips that can help prevent stress, anxiety and depression from occurring during the holidays.

10 tips to help your mental health

    1. Acknowledge your feelings.
    2. Reach out if you are in need.
    3. Be realistic about your situation.
    4. Set aside differences, and be welcoming.
    5. Stick to a budget.
    6. Plan ahead and have a schedule.
    7. Learn to say no.
    8. Don’t neglect healthy habits or your routine.
    9. Take a break and time for yourself.
    10. Seek professional help if needed.

More information about how to stick to these tips can be found online by visiting the Mayo Clinic’s website.

Resources in Racine

If you are struggling with your mental health, resources are available for you locally.

Additional services and resources can be found by visiting:

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