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Reflections, a new business in the Union Grove area, offers a full-service salon. While new to customers, owner Kara Bulgrin, isn’t new to the industry. With decades of experience as a hairstylist and strong family ties to barbering, the owner is thrilled to welcome back old faces and connect with new clients.

Owner Kara Bulgrin gives Village of Union Grove President Steve Wuckland a ceremonial haircut at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. – Credit: Reflections

This new salon offers all hair services, pedicures, manicures and waxing services. They provide services to adults.

There is a massage therapist and esthetician available at the salon as well.

Reflections is located at 1405 Lincolnwood Drive in Union Grove and belongs to the Greater Union Grove Area Chamber of Commerce.

Santa takes a ride on the pedicure chair at Reflections in preparation for his upcoming sleigh ride and chimney climbs. – Credit: Reflections

Generations invested in the industry

An inside look at Kara Bulgrin’s new salon, Reflections, in Union Grove. – Credit: Reflections

“I’m a fourth-generation barber,” said Bulgrin.

In 1952, Bulgrin’s grandma became the first woman master barber in Wisconsin. Ann Beecher, along with her husband, owned Beecher’s Barber Shop in Kansasville, Wisc. She was well known as ‘Kansasville’s Lady Barber’ according to her obituary.

Bulgrin’s not only carrying on her grandma’s legacy, but her dad, mom, uncle and aunt’s legacies too. Bulgrin and her two sisters, who are barber cosmetologists, are all a part of the family affair.

“I grew up in a barbershop spinning on a chair,” she said.

Next Generation Salon

In November of 2000, her father opened Next Generation Salon in the Union Grove area.

“It was Next Generation Salon because we were the next generation, my sisters and I,” she said.

Kara took over the business from her dad in 2002.

She kept the name Next Generation Salon, “because that’s really what I was,” she explained.

The business was sold in 2013, as Bulgrin wanted to pursue a career in nursing. However, she was brought back to her passion in 2016, when she began working as a barber/stylist again. She’s been back ever since, but now, they’ve shifted gears, opening a new salon with a new name.

Before Bulgrin moved to this location, the previous salon operating at Lincolnwood Drive was Divine Salon and Spa, owned by Nikki Reid. In the beauty industry, there is always room for everyone. While Divine Salon and Spa has vacated to make room for Reflections, rest assured, Divine’s clientele will still be cared for, at their new location in Kansasville at 3731 S. Beaumont Ave.

Back at it again

“When I came back this time, I wasn’t really sure about a name,” said Bulgrin.

While her father’s (and eventually her) salon focused on the next generation, Kara’s new salon focuses on reflecting.

“I was reflecting and talking to a couple of my friends about it. And my best friend was like, ‘why don’t you name it Reflections’,” she said.

The name stuck and it has a dual purpose. Customers that know their family’s story know the valuable history that plays into what this salon is today.

Clients who visit the salon also see a reflection of themselves when they look in the mirrors. They can also watch a transformation of themselves happen and reflect.

A satisfied client models Kara Bulgrin’s expert handiwork at Reflections. – Credit: Reflections

Bulgrin said she’s not in business for the money, but to “make somebody leave here feeling better about themselves.”

To book with Reflections, visit their website. Join the Reflections Facebook group to get the inside scoop on what’s happening at the salon.

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