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RACINE — Racine Bingo could be the newest craze this holiday season. Greeting cards have all been sent and the Christmas rush is at its peak. A local family in Racine sent unique holiday cards to share their love for the City of Racine’s establishments, activities and events.

Jen Adamski, her father Frank, and her son, Josué, enjoy exploring Racine. This year, they’ve ditched the run-of-the-mill family photo and sent a one-of-a-kind Racine-themed holiday card.

Jen wearing RootCity262 apparel. – Photo courtesy of Jen Adamski

“We love our local businesses and community and found this to be an innovative way to share our family news, but also spread some love locally,” states Jen.

Racine Bingo
Josué in Downtown Racine. – Photo courtesy of Jen Adamski

Adamski got the idea for Racine Bingo from a friend who sent out “quarantine bingo cards” for the holidays last year.

Racine Bingo
The family Trick or Treating in Racine; Josué is a cartographer. – Photo courtesy of Jen Adamski

“That inspired me to do something creative and interactive this holiday. I decided what better way to share some of the memorable moments we’ve had in 2022 while shouting out some local favorites too. I was also inspired to showcase the incredible variety of activities we have in Racine, it was hard to pare it down to fit on the card,” says Adamski.

The squares on the Racine Bingo cards have sayings such as, “ate at Kewpees,” “located the smiley face garage,” “brought a kringle to an event,” and more. These squares can only be checked off by locals and tourists who have completed all the “must-haves” and “must-dos” in the city.

The Adamski family has even begun playing their own game and have already completed, visited or accomplished 12 of the 20 squares.

Inspiring community involvement

The card has been a favorite for locals and has even drawn interest from others who have not visited Racine.

“My coworker’s son saw the card and wants to come to Racine from Illinois,” says the card maker.

The card brings to light good memories and fun aspects of our community. For those who aren’t familiar with the establishments or activities featured, the card is a great stepping stone to getting involved in Racine.

Racine Bingo
Josué at the Racine Theater Guild. – Photo courtesy of Jen Adamski

“We’ve focused on gifting ‘experiences’ this year and this fits into that too,” says Jen.

The card

The card is about more than just her family, it’s about others too.

“What fun it’s been discussing what others have gotten to explore, and what they remember about Racine. Much more fun than writing a long year-in-review letter,” she says.

Racine Bingo is a fun way to reflect on the past year or your time spent in Racine. If you haven’t checked off these locations and/or activities, make it a goal for the new year.

Racine bingo
Racine Bingo
Jen Adamski and her son, Josué, in Downtown Racine in an Adirondack chair. – Photo courtesy of Jen Adamski

Play Racine Bingo

Download your own copy of Racine Bingo, courtesy of the family.


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