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Racine Roundup

The Racine Roundup aired on TMJ4 during the 4 O’Clock news on Thursday, Dec. 22. This week, Racine County Eye web editor Loren Lamoreaux discussed various stories with TMJ4 anchors, Ryan Jenkins and Carole Meekins.

Business Spotlight: Reflections

Lamoreaux kicked off this week’s installment of the Racine Roundup by introducing Reflections, a new business with a long-standing history.

Kara Bulgrin, the owner, is a fourth-generation barber. She comes from a family of barbers. Loren shared that her grandmother was the first female master barber in the State of Wisconsin in 1952. After a short time away from the industry, Bulgrin has come back, full-strength, and has now opened her own salon.

Lamoreaux informed viewers that the salon provides all hair services, pedicures, manicures, and waxing services, and is expressly for adults.

The salon is located at 1405 Lincolnwood Drive in Union Grove. This is the former location of Divine Salon and Spa, as owner Nikki Reid moved her operation to Beaumont Avenue in Kansasville.

Check out their business spotlight story on our website.

Dean family bakes cookies for Union Grove neighbors

Next, the team spoke about the Dean family, who is new to the area. They relocated about a year ago, and even though her husband, Lance, is a civilian now, he is still employed by the military, which is how they landed in Union Grove.

This holiday season, Jenni Dean, was worried she wouldn’t be able to continue her traditions of baking cookies for the ones she loves. Loren explained that Jenni took it upon herself to give back to her neighbors by baking cookies for anyone interested.

They made several kinds including Dean’s Holiday M&M cookies, Christmas Krispies, Italian Pecan Crescents cookies and more.

Read more about their heartwarming story online.

Racine Bingo holiday card is a hit

Loren wrapped up the segment by talking with Jenkins and Meekins sharing another unique story pertaining to the holidays.

Jen Adamski and her family enjoy exploring Racine and wanted to offer the same experience to their loved ones, so they made their own unique Racine Bingo card for people to be able to play throughout the coming year. It’s got squares like “Ate at Kewpees,” “Located the Smiley Face Garage,” and “Glass blowing at Hot Shop Glass” to name a few.

This card has been a hit among card recipients and those who have stumbled upon it. Get your own copy of Racine Bingo on our website.

About the segment

Each week a Racine County Eye staff member will share in-depth information on select stories from the week in our collaboration we call the Racine Roundup.

These stories have been curated to highlight what’s happening throughout Racine County. The news report will focus on providing solution-based journalism to readers and listeners in Racine County, reaching a larger audience throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

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