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The Pfeffer farm and garden in Caledonia is expanding and opening its fields for guest to pick their own flowers in 2023. The family aims to open this new portion of their business starting in July.

Located at 8233 Foley Road in Caledonia, Wis., the pick-your-own flower fields are just one way the business is looking to grow in the coming year. This family farm will also have greenhouses with hanging baskets, plants and produce available.

The family hopes to have their flower-picking fields open on the weekends throughout the summer. The pick-your-own flowers will be a source of local quality entertainment. It will also serve as a family-friendly activity to do in Racine County.

“The interest in flowers has been great and it’s so fun to grow flowers,” says owner, Erika Pfeffer.

Pfeffer farm and garden
A greenhouse is loaded with unique selections of interesting varieties to choose from. – Credit: Pfeffer farm and garden

Shopping local and supporting farmers

Pfeffer farm and garden
Local honey makes for a delicious treat for any occasion. – Credit: Pfeffer farm and garden

Until the temperatures rise, Pfeffer farm and garden will serve Racine County through their sales of beef, vegetables, honey, eggs, and bundles containing a variety of items from their farm. Gift cards are also available which can be used for other products available at the farm, including the future pick-your-own flowers.

Pfeffer farm and garden
A bushel of home-grown goodness from the farm. – Credit: Pfeffer farm and garden

These items can be purchased online and at the farm stand on their property. In the winter, orders can also be made and arranged by connecting with the farmers through the Pfeffer farm and garden Facebook page.

Eggs and honey can also be purchased at Klema Feeds, 10540 Northwestern Ave., year-round.

Pfeffer farm and garden
Growing up in the family farming tradition: Casey (front, center), Brynley and Ivy (back, left to right) love helping with the day-to-day operations. – Credit: Pfeffer farm and garden

Since 2015, Jake and Erika have run Pfeffer farm and garden. Their children – Brynley, Casey and Ivy – may be young, but the three of them are walking in their parents’ footsteps, helping where they can.

They help with planting and picking vegetables. Together they care for the chickens on the farm, too.

“They have fun with it. They get all the money from the egg (sales) too,” says Erika.

Roots in Racine County

Pfeffer Farm and Garden is the result of four generations of farmers that came before Erika. Not only is the farm about honoring their family’s history, but it’s also about raising the next generation to have a passion for agriculture too.

Our family has been here since the early 1920s. I’m pretty proud of that. My grandparents and great-grandparents started the produce farm and sold at local markets in Racine. My dad started the cattle and beef business when me and my sisters were little.

Erika Pfeffer
Pfeffer farm and garden
The farm currently has about 35 head of cattle. – Credit: Pfeffer farm and garden

To this day, Erika’s dad, Dale Nelson, who has been a farmer for 40 years, helps care for around 35 cows that Pfeffer farm and garden has.

Pfeffer farm and garden
The next generation of cattle. – Credit: Pfeffer farm and garden

Her parents’ homestead also serves as a place for their produce to grow and a home for the cows too.

Erika’s family planted the seeds, the roots have grown, and now the Pfeffer family is taking their farm to the next level with the added you-pick flower farm.

Eggs and honey can also be purchased at Klema Feeds, 10540 Northwestern Ave., year-round.

Additional pricing, opportunities and information will come as summer nears.

From their farm to your table

Interested in knowing more about the farm or how to get their products from their farm to your table?

Visit their website or us their contact form or reach out to 262-770-6609 for more details.

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