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UNION GROVE — These students in Mrs. Laabs’ class completed all the requirements to receive their Assistant Childcare Teacher Certification. They volunteered in classrooms, completed multiple professional development training, and showed proficiency in eleven different skills needed to work with young children in order to receive their certification.

Union Grove High School students
Front Row: Halina Collins, Mary Gatta, Emily Saunders, Reagan LaPointe Middle Row: Lilian Kolarik, Karina Sandoval, Maria Obieglo, Hannah Orcutt, Elivia Garcia Top Row: Arianna Schmitt, Savannah DeMjen, Cassie Garross – Credit: UGHS

Earning certifications give students a boost into a career pathway. There are several certifications and industry recognized credentials embedded into career pathways at Union Grove High School.

About Union Grove High School

Union Grove Union High School District is a public school district located in western Racine County, Wisconsin serving grades 9-12. It is commonly referred to as “Union Grove High School” or UGHS in the area.

The high school and district offices are located at 3433 S. Colony Avenue, Union Grove, Wisconsin.

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