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February has brought frigid temperatures to Wisconsin. There’s no better way to warm up than with this hearty Squash Soup on a chilly day or night.

UW-Extension’s Squash Soup is a filling meal that can be ready to serve in just 45 minutes. With the many types of winter squash available, there is sure to be one that pleases even the pickiest of palates. Whether you need something that will feed the entire family or are looking for something that’s easy and ready to go in under an hour, this can be your go-to soup.

winter squash
From Acorn Squash’s sweet, mildly buttery taste to the full-on pumpkin flavor of the Hubbard Squash, each variety has a unique flavor composition to enjoy.

Health benefits

Squash soup consists of multiple vegetables—not just squash—including carrots, garlic and tomato.

The serving size for this soup is only 127 calories. It also only contains 251 mg of salt. If you are trying to be conscious of your salt intake because of American Heart Month, put the ingredients on your grocery list.

Try it out, put your own twist on it, and enjoy some warmth amidst the cold.

The recipe: Squash Soup

Available in both English and Spanish, give it a go by reading the recipe below. Download the recipe to your device for easy reading.

Health and wellness

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