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Racine County Eye asked candidates to fill out a questionnaire so that our readers could learn more about them. These are incumbent Mayor Cory Mason’s answers.

Mayor Cory Mason

What position are you seeking?

How long have you lived in Racine?
Born here in 1973; lived here most of my life.



Cory Mason
Cory Mason

If you have served as an elected official before, what positions did you hold and how long did you hold them? If you haven’t held an elected position, what civic or church organizations have you been part of?

  • Racine Mayor October, 2017-Present
  • Racine State Representative January 2007- January 2018
  • Racine Redevelopment Authority
  • River Alliance of WI

The police budget represents a large portion of the city’s budget and the police union has been without a contract for over two years. Since then, the police department is down more than 30 police officers and many are leaving mid-career because of the potential loss of benefits. How would you correct that issue?

I am working hard to return some of the state’s $7 billion surplus to Racine to fund public safety. The City has offered police & fire a 12% raise, along with other benefits. We need to invest more to recruit and retain in police and fire.

What motivated you to seek office?

To ensure that everyone can live in a safe and healthy neighborhood where all families can thrive.

If Cory Mason is reelected, name three priorities you would want to focus on during your term.

Improve public safety by investing in law enforcement and working with the county, school distinct, and nonprofits to help prevent crime.

Defend democracy and the right to vote.

Revitalize our neighborhoods with new housing, home repair grants, & increasing the number of homeowners in Racine.

Public safety, reducing violence and addressing mental health issues have been three dominant concerns in Racine. How would you improve the situation? (250 words or less)

I worked with the County and the School District to form the Violent Crime Reduction Initiative (VCRI). We are arresting people and holding violent criminals accountable. Through VCRI, we have seized 79 guns, cleared 248 felony warrants, and made 582 criminal arrests as of December, 2022. VCRI isn’t just about solving crime, it’s about prevention too. That is why city, county human services, the school district train together to assess mental health needs and other interventions that work.

Why should people reelect Cory Mason?

Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in a generation; property tax rates are the lowest in more than a decade; we’re reinvesting in our neighborhoods with more new development in the last five years than in the previous 20, and hundreds of residents have been lifted into the middle class.

Racine County 2023 Elections Guide

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Cory Mason’s answers have not been modified in any way.

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