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Racine County Eye asked candidates to fill out a questionnaire so that our readers could learn more about them. These are the answers from mayoral candidate Henry Perez.

Henry Perez

What position are you seeking?
Mayor of the City of Racine

How long have you lived in Racine?
Lived in Racine since 2005


Elected official

Henry Perez
Henry Perez

If you have served as an elected official before, what positions did you hold and how long did you hold them? If you haven’t held an elected position, what civic or church organizations have you been part of?

  • Racine Alderman since 2013
  • Public Safety and Licensing
  • Finance and Personnel
  • Public Works and Services
  • Traffic Commission
  • Cemetery Commission

The police budget represents a large portion of the city’s budget and the police union has been without a contract for over two years. Since then, the police department is down more than 30 police officers and many are leaving mid-career because of the potential loss of benefits. How would you correct that issue, as Mayor?

An immediate settlement of the Contract, Supporting the Police, properly funding the police, making changes that will appeal to officers to stay, or come work for the city. Bring back divisions that officers would enjoy working in.  Bring back community policing, letting the officers do police work. Adding police to patrol especially when we have community activities like events downtown, and at the beach, I am open to partnering with Federal, State and local governments to make sure that we have adequate patrol coverage for our City.

What motivated you to seek office?

Seeing the decline of our beautiful City under the leadership of Mason.

If Henry Perez is elected mayor, name three priorities you would want to focus on during your term.

Priority #1 is Public Safety. The city cannot thrive if the residents are afraid to go out outside

Priority # 2 Economic development.  Increase community development and investment with a focus on small business

Priority #3 Transparency. No transparency or honesty right now. This will change!

Public safety, reducing violence and addressing mental health issues have been three dominant concerns in Racine. As mayor, how would you improve the situation?

Police and fire will have their contracts settled. We will restore community policing and mentoring programs for our youth. We will partner with community agencies to train the community in gun safety and violence abatement principles. We will partner with the schools to show alternatives to immediately responding to perceived threats with force. All the employees will be trained to be Crisis Intervention Partners through N.A.M.I. We will sponsor mental health training in our community.

Why should people elect Henry Perez?

I believe in servant leadership. I recognize that I work for you not the other way around. I have served you since 2013 as an alderman. I have worked hard my whole life. I am not a lifetime politician. Together we will make Racine a place where we can live, work, play and thrive. I am your voice.

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Henry Perez’ answers have not been modified in any way.

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