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Racine County Eye asked candidates to fill out a questionnaire so that our readers could learn more about them. These are mayoral candidate Jim DeMatthew’s answers.

Jim DeMatthew

What position are you seeking?

How long have you lived in Racine?
Life long resident


Finaancial Services Representative

Jim DeMatthew announces mayoral bid
Jim DeMatthew calls for residents to work together. – Credit: Denise Lockwood

If you have served as an elected official before, what positions did you hold and how long did you hold them? If you haven’t held an elected position, what civic or church organizations have you been part of?

  • Chair, Civic Center Commission
  • Vice-Chair, Racine Development Authority
  • Racine Zoo Board
  • Chair, Italian Festival
  • Youth coach and Scout Master

The police budget represents a large portion of the city’s budget and the police union has been without a contract for over two years. Since then, the police department is down more than 30 police officers and many are leaving mid-career because of the potential loss of benefits. As Mayor, how would you correct that issue?

Training from the federal government as an Interest Bargaining Based Facilitator, I will use that knowledge along the public policy and business practices to reach a fair and equitable solution that will work for all parties involved. Need to support, not degrade.

What motivated you to seek office?

Failed policies of the Mason admin, disregard of public safety, local business, community leaders

If Jim DeMatthew is elected mayor, name three priorities you would want to focus on during your term.

Public Safety – address crime, negotiate contacts, provide Fire & Police equip needs.
Support our business, Residents and organizations, create a new opportunities in the economy
Enhance and protect what makes Racine special. Zoo, Beaches, Waterways, Downtown and other attractions.

Public safety, reducing violence and addressing mental health issues have been three dominant concerns in Racine. How would you improve the situation?

We need public safety issues resolved to have safe streets and neighborhoods. We need to consult with medical, public safety, business leaders, non-profits and residents to create a comprehensive plan to provide the needed mental and physical health resources.

Why should people elect Jim DeMatthew as Mayor?

We need a new leader who will go out into the community and work with other leaders to address issues. Who is willing to listen to the community and seek new ideas and innovative ways to get things done as efficiently and cost effective as possible. Be willing to listen work in cooperative fashion.

Racine County 2023 Elections Guide

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Jim DeMatthew’s answers have not been modified in any way.

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