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Ava Pinnow has two goals in mind this cookie season. The Girl Scout is striving to sell 1,500 boxes of cookies and make a lasting impact on her community.

The 7th grader at Walden III belongs to Troop #31528 and has been involved in Girl Scouts since she was in kindergarten at West Ridge Elementary School.

All eight girls in the troop started together at the same school, but are now dispersed throughout the area.

Ava Pinnow Girl Scout Cookies
Ava Pinnow and her fellow Girl Scouts at Trefoil Oaks in Kenosha. – Credit: Corrine Krause

“I started it because I wanted to be more involved in the community and help out,” says Pinnow.

Whether she’s going door to door, selling online, or at booths outside local grocery stores, selling cookies has been a way for Pinnow to connect with her community over the years.

She’s sold cookies as a Daisy, Brownie, Junior, and now as Cadette.

Cookie sales underway

Last year, Pinnow sold around 1,000 of the 6,000 boxes Troop #31528 sold.

Ava is taking preorders until Feb. 15. Pinnow will start delivering the following week. In March, her troop will be stationed outside stores selling Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties and all of the classic Girl Scout Cookies.

Ava Pinnow Girl Scout Cookies
Troop 31528 attempts archery for the first time. – Credit: Corrine Krause

Now, cookie sales are underway for 2023 and Ava is headed in the right direction, confident that she will meet her goal.

“It’s going great,” says Ava, who has a running total of 380 boxes sold so far this year.

When placing an order online, if 9-12 boxes are bought, the shipping is half off.

In addition, available online this year is Raspberry Rally Girl Scout cookies. According to the Girl Scout website, it is a thin crispy cookie infused with raspberry flavor dipped in a chocolaty coating. A restock of this cookie will be available on Feb. 10.

Unique Experiences

Being a Girl Scout isn’t just about selling cookies though, it’s also about gaining experiences and immersing yourself in a variety of unique adventures.

“We do a lot of things with the girls that girls wouldn’t normally get to do,” explains Corrine Krause, Ava’s mother and troop leader.

The troop has been scuba diving, axe throwing, archery, horseback riding, curling and even completed overnight stays at Trefoil Oaks Program Center, 3901 First St. in Kenosha.

These experiences are made possible by the girl’s hard work during cookie season.

“That’s why we sell the cookies so that our troop can do these things,” explains Krause.

Ava Pinnow Girl Scout Cookies
Troop 31528 visits the Dan Patch Stables in Lake Geneva to learn how to horseback ride and care for animals. – Credit: Corrine Krause
Ava Pinnow Girl Scout Cookies
A Girl Scout troop member rides a horse at Dan Patch Stables in Lake Geneva. – Credit: Corrine Krause

This summer, the troop is aiming to go to GSWISE Camp Alice Chester.

“We’re working on a journey that requires us to do a little bit more of a primitive camp. So we’re toying with the notion,” says the troop leader.

These unique experiences aren’t just for fun and games. They teach skills and enrich young girls’ lives.

“It’s helped me gain more confidence because of all the fun, adventurous things that we do,” says Pinnow.

Making a difference

It isn’t all about the cookies and experiences, it’s about making a difference too.

“I want to go towards my Gold Award,” says the Cadette.

She and her fellow Girl Scouts have already earned their Bronze Award and are working on the Silver.

“We collected donations to give to kindred kitties,” for the Bronze Award says Pinnow. “We are making a butterfly garden at the Funkin Farm,” for the Silver Award.

Ava Pinnow Girl Scout Cookies
Local Girl Scouts work towards this Silver Award by establishing a butterfly garden at the Funkin Farm in Kenosha. – Credit: Corrine Krause

“We collected donations to give to kindred kitties,” for the Bronze Award says Pinnow. “We are making a butterfly garden at the Funkin Farm,” for the Silver Award.

These projects are a part of the Girl Scout’s Highest Awards.

Ava Pinnow Girl Scout Cookies
The Girl Scout Troop learns to curl at the Racine Curling Club in Racine. – Credit: Corrine Krause

It all circles back to the cookies though.

“If my girls sell at least 176 boxes per girl,” explains Krause, “then we get the full $1 per box for our troop funds. And that’s what helps us to go for our Silver Award.”

Supporting Scouts

Looking to support the scouts? Ava’s cookies can be purchased online. Otherwise, stay tuned and look for Troop #31528 outside a grocery store in the Racine area come March.

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