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RACINE — Second graders at Racine Unified School District (RUSD) may be young, but they have their own ideas and thoughts on love.

This Valentine’s Day, these sweet second-graders share what love is and what it means to them.

What is love?

“It’s filling someone’s bucket,” said one student featured about what love is.

Others described it as happy, caring, and it can even make someone cry happy tears.

Is love important?

All the students featured agreed that love is important.

One second grader explains that love “makes people very happy.”

What is romance?

When asked what romance is, students at RUSD weren’t exactly sure what romance was, but their genuine reactions are sure to make viewers smile this Valentine’s Day.

One student is sure to shock you with her answer, though. At 1:40, this wise-beyond-years student said, “You’re going out to dinner, and you’re having the moment of your life.”

RUSD students explain what love, dating and romance means
Second-grade student gets stumped when asked, “What is romance?”

Places to go on dates

The second-graders offered up places they thought would be good places to go for a date. They believe waterparks, coffee shops, diners, and parks would be good places to go.

Other date ideas were mentioned in the video below such as visiting McDonald’s, going to SkyZone, going to watch fireworks, and more.

Thoughts on marriage

The second-grade students weren’t too sure about marriage at their age. One student wants to stick with his Paw Patrol, one responded with vigorous head shaking, and another noted they didn’t like boys.

The video

The following video was created by Racine Unified School District.

YouTube video
Racine Unified School District 2nd grade students explain what love means to them this Valentine’s Day

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