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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In Wisconsin, we like to joke that there are two seasons: winter and road construction. Both can be a headache at times. But recently, I’ve thought about our construction season in a different way: road construction season means jobs.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave Wisconsin a “C” on our infrastructure report card. We have over 2,000 miles of highway that are in poor condition. But thanks to the bipartisan infrastructure law, our state is set to receive $5.2 billion for highway repairs and an additional $225 million to repair our bridges. More importantly, with these funds, we can employ a generation of workers to repair our roads.

This is why I’m so concerned that Congressman Bryan Steil voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill. When Congressman Steil chose to vote against this historic bill, he indicated that he is just fine with bridges and roads that are unsafe to use.

As we enter this year’s road construction season remember that funding our infrastructure and the jobs that go along with it is good for Wisconsin. We deserve a Congressman that believes the same.

Chelsea Powell

letter to editor improving infrastructure
Photo submitted by Chelsea Powell

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