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Bernice “Breezy” Corona turned 99 years old this month. Every day matters and every day counts to this Racine resident.

Breezy and her stuffed animal dress up for her birthday. They are both wearing birthday crowns. – Credit: Tina Jensen

On Feb. 6, Breezy celebrated her birthday with her closest family members at a small get-together.

At 99 years old, she has a message for the community, and that’s to celebrate every day.

To this Racine resident, not only are birthdays worth celebrating, but every day is. It’s why she and her loved ones celebrate every holiday and special event that is happening. Smiles and love always accompany their celebrations.

Last year, the Racine County Eye peeked into Breezy’s life to see what her life looks like at 98 years old. Now, another year has passed and this pillar of positivity continues to share her joy with others.

Happy at home

Rocking one of her 25 hats! Sparkly, cheetah print and homemade hats by Debra Baker are a favorite part of her classic look. – Credit: Tina Jensen

Originally, Breezy lived at home until she was 90 years old, then lived at Home Harbor, an assisted living home after taking a nasty tumble.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March 2020, Breezy’s daughter, Tina Jensen, couldn’t bare the thought of not being able to visit her mom due to visitor restrictions.

Decked out in Betty Boop articles, she shows off some of her Betty Boop trinkets, who made her debut in 1930, seven years after Breezy was born. – Credit: Tina Jensen

Breezy moved home with Tina and her husband, Ron. Since then, she has continued to enjoy life in their company. Not only does Jensen shower her with love, but Jensen’s husband, siblings, grandchildren, and the entire community come together to care for Breezy as well.

What could’ve been looked at as more responsibility for Jensen turned into years of fun with her mother. As readers may recall, Jensen and her mother have quite an entertaining social media presence that is charmed with photos from their unforgettable photoshoots.

Showing off her horse riding skills and her Kentucky Derby hat in May 2022. – Credit: Tina Jensen
When Shark Week commenced in July 2022, she took part in the fun. – Credit: Tina Jensen
Like most Wisconsinites, she participated in deer hunting season in 2022. With her trusty hunting dog, she’s sure to bag the biggest deer. – Credit: Tina Jensen

“You know what, I thought three to six months, that’s all I thought it was gonna be. I’d do it all over,” says Jensen about her mom’s homecoming.

Breezy has found a way to make the most out of life, even at 99 years old. Throughout the pandemic, and now beyond, Breezy continues to be on the go, hence her nickname.

Helping out with home renovations at her daughter, Tina Jensen’s home. – Credit: Tina Jensen
Goofing around with a new look, she’s seen with a new set of brows and a lusciously black colored beard. – Credit: Tina Jensen

Life at 99

“I’m so thankful that she made her birthday,” says Jensen. “She’s so special.”

When Breezy was asked if she was aiming for 100 years old, she nodded her head yes. Until the big hundred mark is met, she’s enjoying the present.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, 2023! – Credit: Tina Jensen

These days, Breezy does what she loves. She listens to Polka music, wears her custom one-of-a-kind hats, dresses up for photoshoots, watches her favorite shows, and even sings some Polish tunes. She also takes a nap or two.

“She’s very proud of her Polish heritage,” says Jensen.

Breezy celebrates the 4th of July!
Celebrating the 4th of July, decked out in patriotic finery for both herself and her pup. – Credit: Tina Jensen

Social media shenanigans

Another thing that Breezy is proud of is her connection to Racine. While she doesn’t get out much these days, she touches a lot of people’s lives through her social media presence.

Celebrating the start of Mardi Gras on Feb 21, 2023. – Credit: Tina Jensen

Her most recent photoshoot and social media post was Breezy dressed up for Mardi Gras. Breezy, who is 100% Polish, was also able to enjoy a fresh Pączki on Fat Tuesday.

A message for others

In addition to encouraging people to enjoy every day, Breezy has this message for everyone:

“Just be kind to people, that’s what she would tell people,” says Jensen.