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RACINE — On Feb. 24, Mayor Cory Mason issued an order to fly the Ukrainian flag at the City of Racine’s City Hall

Recognizing Ukrainian crisis

By flying the Ukrainian flag, the city is recognizing the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The flag was raised by Bill Miller, the City of Racine Facility Manager. 

Mayor Cory Mason issued the following statement according to a release: 

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to devastating consequences, including countless civilian lives lost. We express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine during this time. 

“As a symbol of our support, I have ordered the Ukrainian flag to be raised at City Hall, with the intention of increasing awareness of the ongoing crisis and recognizing the courage of those fighting for democracy and their country’s freedom. It is our hope that this gesture inspires others to take action as well. 

Ukrainian flag
Mayor Cory Mason ordered the Ukrainian flag to be flown above City Hall to recognize the yearlong invasion by the Russian army. – Credit: Mayor Cory Mason

“Together, we can make a difference and stand in solidarity with those affected by the conflict. Let us honor the bravery of those on the front lines and work towards a peaceful resolution to this crisis.”

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