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CALEDONIA — The Bierbach family is new to the Caledonia area. But that didn’t stop them from showing their new community in Racine County that even in darkness, there is light.

Locals of Racine County are no strangers to what challenges the ice storm brought last week. Power outages, freezing temperatures, downed powerlines, school closures, and unruly road conditions impacted those throughout the area.

Murphy Bierbach and her husband, Dustin, weren’t going to let the weather conditions get them down. In fact, they used the situation as a way to give back to someone in need.

Murphy and Dustin Bierbach
Murphy and Dustin Bierbach are new to the Caledonia community, but that didn’t stop them from reaching out to neighbors in need. – Photo courtesy of the Bierbachs

Although the family, including their young children, were without power for about 12 hours, the Bierbach family still managed to pay it forward by donating a meal to a neighbor who was also dealing with less-than-ideal circumstances due to the storm.

“My husband Dustin made a massive batch of chili and during the cleanup, he was like ‘hey, you should post in the neighborhood group to see if anyone that’s affected by the outages wants any,’ so I did just that,” says Murphy.

Bierbachs connect online

She posted on the Caledonia Area Community page to see if anyone was interested. Countless people came forward looking to be the recipient, but they only had enough for one family in need, this time.

The couple, who moved from Milwaukee to Caledonia, has always tried to give to others by making extra meals or baked goods to others frequently.

“We definitely want to continue it within this community,” says Murphy. “It’s basically our only goal as parents to help mold our kids into good people. They see us volunteer our time, our resources, and talents to give back to our communities. I hope that they’ll grow up to do the same and make the world a little bit brighter of a place,” says Murphy about what she hopes this situation teaches her children.

A grateful recipient

The recipient of the meal wishes to remain anonymous, however, is thankful for the meal.

“It was incredibly sweet of her to offer it to us and she arranged to get it out in time for me to grab it as I was running a quick errand already to stay warm,” says the recipient.

This family was without power from 9 p.m. on Wednesday until Friday morning.

On a chilly night, a bowl of chili warmed the heart of this recipient.

“As someone who seems new to the area, it was especially sweet of her,” states the Caledonia resident.

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