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RAYMOND — The Racine County Sheriff’s Deputies and Raymond Fire and Rescue Department made a successful ice rescue for a 58-year-old male who had fallen through the ice.

The incident took place on March 5 around 2:30 p.m., at a residence on 3 Mile Road in the Village of Raymond. The news release from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office indicates that the victim was nearly 50 feet offshore at a large pond.

ice rescue, Bo, fell through ice
The scene on the pond. – Credit: Racine County Sheriff

Reports state he had fallen through the ice while attempting to rescue an elderly neighbor’s dog that had fallen through the ice.

The investigation following the ice rescue noted that the elderly woman had not one, but two dogs that had run onto the icy pond, chasing geese, and had fallen through the ice. The dog’s elderly owner called the man who lives close by for assistance.

Unfortunately, when the male walked out on the ice to pull the dogs out, he fell through the ice as well. The 58-year-old was unable to climb out due to weakness. The individual was holding onto the edge of the ice, while also keeping the dog, later identified as “Bo,” afloat. The other dog was able to climb out prior to the arrival of deputies.

Within minutes of arriving on the scene, sheriff’s deputies and a Wisconsin State Trooper deployed a life safety throw rope. It is noted in the news release that the man had difficulty grabbing the rope due to loss of strength. It is estimated that the man was in the frigid water for more than 10 minutes. Authorities believed he had only a few minutes left before his situation became dire.

“The 58-year-old male was pulled through the ice and up to shore along with the dog. At this point, two RASO investigators, who are also members of the Racine Sheriff Dive Team, were able to rapidly don their water rescue equipment and pull the male out of the water onto shore,” stated the news release.

Ice rescue completed in 3 minutes

ice rescue, Bo, fell through ice
Rescue personnel use a life safety rope. Patrol cars are all equipped with these life-saving devices. – Credit: Racine County Sheriff

Within three minutes of arriving on the scene, first responders had the victim and the dog out of the water. Raymond Fire and Rescue personnel transported the victim to a local hospital for evaluation for hypothermia and lacerations. Bo warmed up in a vehicle and after some time, he appeared to be ok, as he was licking deputies and seeking attention.

The man and both dogs are expected to make a full recovery from the successful ice rescue.

“The Racine County Sheriff’s Office equips all patrol cars with the life safety rope, specifically designed for water rescue. It is believed the male was within minutes of going underwater. Today’s incident showed how invaluable the life safety equipment carried by deputies can truly be,” states the release.

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