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2023 spring election

RACINE COUNTY — The 2023 Spring Elections are fast approaching, and we know members of the community have questions for the candidates who will represent them. Racine County Eye is hosting a series of candidate forums as Facebook Live events for the next three weeks.

Each forum begins at 7 p.m. and lasts for an hour. During the event, Racine County Eye moderators will take questions from the audience and relay them to the participating candidates.

Moderators will also have a list of prepared questions that focus on current issues facing their municipality as well as the surrounding community.

Racine County Eye 2023 Candidate Forums schedule

A handful of candidates have not yet confirmed, but here is the schedule for those who have:

March 14Michael Hansen vs. Mary Land (Racine Aldermanic District #11)
March 15Bill Folk vs. Tony Hammes (Caledonia)
March 22Nancy Pierce vs. David Rubinson (Caledonia)

We are still awaiting word from the candidates in the Mount Pleasant races, the Racine mayoral race, and one Racine aldermanic race. Racine County Eye will update this story when additional details become available.

Readers can find the events on the Racine County Eye Facebook page.

Election coverage

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