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Tradition runs deep in Wisconsin military schools. These institutions have been a part of the state’s educational system for over a century. They maintain different teaching techniques. Students learn to respect every teacher and authority position and their classmates. Educating them in class on the Army’s seven principles and army values essay is important. These tenets are crucial in shaping soldiers’ conduct and decisions. They have made it a top priority to instill them in their students.

The beginning of military schools in Wisconsin

The first military academy in Wisconsin was founded in 1889. This marks the beginning of the state’s school history. The Delafield-based institute uses a preparatory program for West Point, the American Military Academy.

Wisconsin saw the establishment of many more martial schools. The idea of military education grew in acceptance. There are many institutions, including St. John’s Northwestern, Kenosha, Oaklawn, North Cedar, and Raw Hide Services Starr Academy. Young men learn leadership and discipline in preparation for military roles. They also instill knowledge from their educational books, journals, and others.

These schools prepared soldiers for combat during World Wars I and II. Physical fitness and other training help students push beyond their comfort zones and persevere. Military schools still have a significant influence on Wisconsin’s educational system today. The institutions prepare students for various jobs in both civilian and martial contexts. They provide a unique learning environment emphasizing physical fitness, character development, and leadership. The core principles of honor, duty, and service are at the heart of martial education. It continues to be a distinctive aspect of Wisconsin’s military school culture.

What are the Army values in military training?

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The seven core values are the bedrock of military training and culture. It guides soldier decision-making, behavior, and interactions. On applying to a martial school in Wisconsin, applicants will write dissertations on the seven principles. Through reading army values essays at StudyDriver, it is easy to comprehend military training and culture. This is because a soldier upholds and applies it. The following are the seven army values essay examples.


The soldiers keep commitments. Absolute faith and patriotism need dedication. A devoted one backs the command structure and defends their comrades. They likewise demonstrate their allegiance to the U.S. Army by putting on its uniform. Also, by contributing, they show their dedication to their unit.


It is a must to fulfill Obligations. Soldiers doing their duties encompasses more than completing their given duties. Sometimes being responsible starts from home. As it takes a mature mind to be trustworthy. Hence, parents are therefore advised to expose their kids to some kind of chores at home to help build up their minds. Since it is stated that duty entails the ability to complete tasks as an individual or as a group. The American Army’s task is a complicated jumble of missions, jobs and assignments. Avoiding shortcuts preserves work integrity and fulfills responsibility as a team member.


The Army demands that everyone treat one another with honor. Appreciation is what enables individuals to recognize the most outstanding qualities in others. Performing their duties and serving well is also a way of getting recognition. Self-respect is a component of the principle of admiration.

Selfless Service

This essay focuses on the needs of the Army, the country, and your colleagues before your own. Selfless service extends beyond a single individual. You are defending your nation with loyalty and without considering reward or praise. It requires team members to push themselves and discover each student’s contributions.


This essay abides by Army principles. The Medal of Honor is the country’s highest military respect. Soldiers receive medals. They form the practice of acting and reinforce that habit with each ethical decision. They uphold and apply values.


Do what is correct. By upholding moral standards, you can have the attribute of virtue. You must refrain from acting or speaking in a way that will mislead others. The more honest you become, the further you will be trusted.

Personal Courage

Soldiers face danger, fear, or difficulty (moral or physical). The Army has been synonymous with individual bravery. With courage, one must put their safety at risk while bearing physical pressure. It might take a long time to stay on the right road. Facing moral anxiety or difficulty, especially if doing so is unpopular with others. You may develop your bravery by defending and upholding the moral causes you believe in.

The role of Army values in Wisconsin’s military school culture

The educational process at these institutes revolves around this. On campus, students are steeped in a culture valuing self-control, honor, and community involvement.

They incorporate Army values into their curriculum and instruction in various ways. Students learn self-discipline and perseverance through fitness programs. Classroom instruction stresses duty, respect, and integrity in personal and professional relationships. Leadership courses help students develop skills for leading others.

Wisconsin’s military schools also promote a spirit of unity and cooperation. This emphasizes the value of allegiance, selfless duty, and individual bravery. Students coexist and collaborate in a controlled setting that promotes respect and cooperation.

The extracurricular activities provided at Wisconsin’s military schools also reflect Army values. Charitable initiatives help learners feel dedicated to others. They may play competitive sports, promoting the virtues of perseverance, bravery, and teamwork.

Wisconsin’s school culture embodies Army values, shaping student behavior and attitudes. They instill principles that prepare them for success in both military and civilian life.

Wisconsin’s academy culture permeates Army ideals, impacting learner attitudes and actions.

The impact of Army values on students

Fostering a solid feeling of self-control and discipline in students is significant. Physical fitness and other training help learners push beyond their comfort zones and persevere. They later grow more resilient and self-assured, which will benefit them.

Another impact is the development of strong leadership skills. Students gain the ability to speak and make wise judgments under pressure. They inspire teamwork through leadership development and teaching.

The Army values also foster a sense of responsibility and service to others in students. They learn to put the needs of others ahead of their own. Learners contribute to their communities in meaningful ways. This helps them develop a sense of purpose. They will understand the importance of impacting the world around them.

This helps Army values help to shape the character of students in profound ways. The schools emphasize honor, integrity, and personal courage. This is to instill a strong moral compass in learners. They learn about the importance of ethics. They are good at decision-making regarding all areas of life.

The schools support the development of a solid moral compass in their students. It highlights the value of honor, integrity, and individual bravery. They may use this to their advantage throughout their lives. It enables them to make good choices in all aspects of their life.


Wisconsin’s military school culture places a great deal of importance on Army values. They provide an excellent education. These institutions instill a sense of discipline, responsibility, and service in their students. Wisconsin’s military schools emphasize Army values to shape the character of tomorrow’s leaders.

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