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An ongoing dispute between three people has landed one of them with criminal stalking charges filed against her in Racine County Circuit Court.

Mariah Gordon, 24, Racine, is charged with a felony count of stalking as a repeat offender, along with a misdemeanor count of criminal damage to property.

The stalking felony carries a possible maximum prison term of three years, six months and a fine of $10,000.

The criminal complaint: stalking, criminal damage to property

The victim had a restraining order against the defendant that expired on Aug. 22, 2022, but a second order was granted for that person that expires on Oct. 17, 2026. A second person obtained a restraining order against Gordon that is valid until May 2.

First victim’s account: stalking, property damage

Court records show that on Aug. 20, 2021, one of the victims reported that Gordon had slashed her tires, and the defendant had been sending her text messages that stated she would do something to her vehicle.

That same victim reported in October of 2021 that Gordon had been contacting her, which was in violation of the restraining order. The next month, a complaint was filed that accused Gordon of harassing the woman through text messages and phone calls.

The woman then reported in June of 2022 that she had received several calls and texts from unknown numbers. The woman stated she recognized the voice as Gordon’s and added that “this is an ongoing issue where she blocks a number and a new number will start harassing her.”

On that same day, the woman stated she had received threats at her home toward her children. The messages stated, “I’ll spit an stomp on yo kids soon as I see them,” and “I hope u yo kids an you bd die (expletive).” The woman stated those messages were exactly like the messages Gordon would send her, and that’s how she knew it was her.

Second victim’s account: harassment, stalking

A second victim reported on July 4, 2022, that she had been yelled at and harassed by four individuals, one of whom was Gordon. The woman reported the group of four individuals yelled that she was lying about a sexual assault case, called her names and made statements that her son is gay, the complaint states.

The victim said that, as she tried to leave the scene, one of the people hopped in front of her car, which made it difficult for her to drive away. She also said the group began to bang on the windows of her car when she tried to leave.

Police were dispatched to a residence on 16th Street on July 20, 2022, where the woman stated that Gordon had called her and told her to “come outside to fight.” The woman refused, and then stated at about 2 a.m., she heard a loud bang from outside, and when she looked out, she saw Gordon standing near her car.

The woman then observed the defendant throw something at the front windshield, which was later found to be smashed in two spots. An officer later found a broken brick near the vehicle.

First stalking victim revisited by Gordon

Police were also called last Aug. 17, when the first victim stated she had received photographs from random unfamiliar numbers that came from her own phone, but had never been posted to social media or shared with anyone. That led the victim to believe the sender, who she felt was Gordon, had access to her cell phone.

Criminal court records show that Gordon has previous convictions for misdemeanor disorderly conduct in Racine County in 2018 and felony battery and criminal trespass to dwelling, both as a party to a crime, in Racine County in 2017.

Gordon, who is free on a $2,000 cash bond, is due back in court for a preliminary hearing for the stalking and disorderly conduct charges on March 22, at 8:30 a.m.

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