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OPINION — Wisconsin has an opportunity to ensure that our Supreme Court will follow the law. This is always important, but with individuals stating publicly that they would ignore the law because they sympathize with various social issues, it is even more important today.

Our government is structured so this should never happen. Laws are created by legislators that are answerable to their constituents. They are signed into law by a governor who is elected to represent the people. The rulings from the Supreme Court must follow the law as it is written. If people want change they need to elect different legislators to ensure that will happen. The Supreme Court is supposed to ensure laws follow the Constitution, and that laws are followed by the courts of our State. If we elect anyone to the Supreme Court that refuses to adhere to these principles we invite a maliciousness that would be hard to correct.

Thankfully we have a Federal Supreme Court that ensures State Courts follow the law, but if we allow activists to get on these Courts, Justice and the rule of law may disappear. If “No Jail” Janet Protasiewicz wants to change the laws of our state she should run to be the Governor or a legislator. Supreme Court Justices MUST follow the laws as written.

It’s the ‘Rule of Law’ and not the ‘Rule of Janet’

Re-Elect Justice Daniel Kelly. He will follow the law and the Constitution regardless of race or socially popular issues of the day.

Ken Brown
610 Main St.

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