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Racine County residents heading to the voting booths today for the spring 2023 election. Here is a look in pictures from around the county.

Caledonia voter turnout

Grace Church

Nearly 1,000 voters, including absentees, cast ballots by 10:30 a.m. at Grace Church on Highway 31. Approximately 3,500 voters are registered to vote in the precinct.

Chief Poll Inspector John Barnes said voters lined up steadily from the moment polls opened at 7 a.m. Because the village uses Badger Books to check in and register voters, residents moved through both processes more quickly.

Caledonia residents cast their votes at Grace Church on April 4, 2023. – Credit: Heather Asiyanbi

“We move voters through effectively and efficiently at a fraction of the time it took us with ledgers,” he said.

Badger Books is a closed electronic system that involves one unit as the server and a number of additional screens, or clients, attached only to the server.

Neither the server nor the clients are connected to the internet, so voting integrity is maintained throughout.

Poll workers check voters in at Grace Church in Caledonia. – Credit: Heather Asiyanbi

“These can’t be hacked because they’re not on the internet,” Barnes added.

In addition to moving voters more quickly to the booth to cast their ballots, the Badger Books units also help reconcile any issues. For example, if a voter is assigned more than one number, the problem is rectified at the end of the night in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

St. Mesrob Armenian Apostolic Church

At St. Mesrob Armenian Apostolic Church there are 3,596 registered voters.

By 3 p.m. on Election Day, 1,340 ballots had been cast, up from 840 at this same time last year.

Voting day
Volunteers work the polls at St. Mesrob Armenian Apostolic Church. – Credit: Denise Lockwood

Chief Poll Inspector Joan Rennert told the Racine County Eye that she takes her duties very seriously to preserve the integrity of every election she works, but the job isn’t without some stress.

“I want things to go smoothly, and I am picky about following the law and what’s best for protecting the chain of custody for the ballots,” she said. “It’s stressful but I love it.”

Voting day
Residents filtered in throughout the day to cast their ballots. – Credit: Denise Lockwood
Voting day
Volunteers are poised and ready to pass out ballots to voters. – Credit: Denise Lockwood

She explained there was a short delay of one or two minutes when the polls opened because the Badger Books at her site didn’t boot up correctly right away.

“We had a line of people waiting, but they were patient and understood,” Rennert added.

She volunteered that one voter actually had two records that would be merged into one but assured Racine County Eye this person’s vote only counted once based on their name.

“When this resident registered, they were assigned a voter number, but then they re-registered and were given another voter number,” Rennert explained. “Their records will be merged, and their vote will only count once. They did not cast two ballots.”

With the inclement weather on Election Day, Rennert said the village provides paper ledgers should polling locations lose power.

“We’re ready to handle just about anything,” she said.

City of Racine voting

Fratt Elementary

Fratt Elementary School had a steady stream of voters this morning.

Voting day
This mini-US flag decorates a car on Election Day. – Credit: Paul Holley
Voting day
Election observers watch the voting procedures at the Fratt School polling place. – Credit: Paul Holley
Voting day
Voters make their way into the polling place at Fratt School, 3501 Kinzie Ave., Racine, on Spring Election Day 2023. Poll workers reported steady voter traffic throughout the morning. – Credit: Paul Holley

Racine County Eye will update this story throughout the day, including results as soon as possible after the polls close.

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