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Today, April 11, is National Pet Day.

Chances are if you own a pet, you celebrate them and appreciate their companionship each and every day. And your camera roll probably looks a little something like our web editor’s.

However, given the occasion, we want to celebrate the animals in our lives that make our days richer.

On this day, take a look at the variety of pets that are deeply loved and cared for.

Tail wagging animals

Havok, the German Shepherd puppy will train be a protection dog.
Rio, a small pup, rocks a pair of PJs.
Solo, a black German Shepherd enjoys exploring outside.

Pups exploring outdoors

Maple, a Golden Retriever, is a service dog that helps her handler who lives in Kenosha.
Sasha, a purebred German Shepherd enjoys running outside.
Larry the Doodle enjoys boating.

Pair of Pals

Major and Jax pose for a photo on Jax’s birthday.
Snappy the cat and Leena the dog snuggle up together.
Mia gives her own a hug from behind while they work.
Bo smothers his best buddy with, well, himself, every time they see each other. – Credit: Krish Colón

Crazy Cats

Cooper the cat spends his days napping.
Ham, is quite the ham, and is seen laying upside down.

On the lookout

A black and white pup looks through a hole in the fence.
Bandit, a small but mighty pup.

Friendly faces

Moose yawns while resting on his human’s bed. Credit: Lisa Hawkins
An 185-lb St. Bernard and a 75-lb Lab are best buds.
Lady hugs her favorite “honker” toy.

Up close and personal

Reggie the rescue from Texas smiles as he waits for a treat. Credit: Holly Widmar
A sweet Rottweiler takes a rest. Credit: Annie Lai
Moose the German Shepherd enjoys playing outside. Credit: Alyssa Bohm

Good boys

Shadow after playing in the snow. – Credit: CynDi Nielsen
Niko enjoying a sunset. – Credit: CynDi Nielsen
Scout the Silver Lab takes a spin at hypnotizing. – Credit: Amy May

Medium size dogs

Daisy is a spunky ball of energy. – Credit: Laura Kovanda
Kona is Mom’s best bud. – Credit: Laura Kovanda
Bo, the little gremlin, a rescue with a heart of gold. – Credit: Krish Colón

Pretty faces

Screembean the cat lounging the way a cat lounges best.
Rugarth the budgie is a beauty.
“Meowers” the black and white kitty cat sits pretty.

Growing up

JoJo the Blue Heeler from Caledonia is growing up fast.

Pets of the Racine County Eye/Kenosha Lens

We don’t dare disturb the tubby tabby while it naps. While the belly floof certainly calls, begs to be pet, it is indeed a trap. The shredding feet of doom make quick work of anyone who dares disturb the tabby’s slumber. – Credit: Heather Asiyanbi
Daisy, the assistant publisher of the Racine County Eye is on the job. – Credit: Denise Lockwood
Harry the Cat photobombing while his human was trying to mix a cocktail! – Credit: Paul Holley
Lainey (left), and Seinfeld-inspired Newman (right), owning the place. – Credit: Dan Truttschel
Zander is the best service dog and companion. – Credit: Emma Widmar
Marshall and Schrödinger keep neighborhood watch. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux
Element of Sirprise gets a little field trip with his mama, Miriam, to the lounge on National Pet Day. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux


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