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RACINE — Voting for the second annual Foster Care Sticker Contest is now open until April 17. This annual contest is hosted by the Racine County Foster Care program on their Facebook page. These submissions capture the importance of foster care. The winner will be announced on May 1.

There are currently 10 entries vying to be the next face of the Racine County Foster Care program’s campaign to encourage people to Step Up & Step Into a Child’s Life. The contest creates a conversation about foster care and encourages community members to get involved.

The theme, “Step up and Step into a child’s life,” follows last year’s campaign, “Open up your heart,” and is a continuation of the “Keep Them Home Racine County: Fostering our Community, Fostering our Kids” marketing campaign that started in 2018.

The winner will have their sticker prominently featured as part of May’s Foster Care Month events and materials and handed out foster care events in 2023. The selected winner will also have their sticker featured on the Racine County Foster Care website and Facebook page. They will also receive a specially printed t-shirt with their winning sticker design.

Foster Care support needed

“We need more Racine County foster homes so children can remain in their community. Remaining in their community is less traumatic, it increases the likelihood of staying with siblings, emotional and mental well-being is more stable, success in school is increased and foster children achieve more timely reunification,” explains Jessica Scheeler from the Racine County Foster Care program.

Vote for your favorite sticker on Facebook

To vote for your favorite sticker, simply click the blue button below. In the comment section of the post, comment the number corresponding with your favorite photo. Vote once on the post.

“It’s important for the community to vote, as this is an easy way to support our program! No muss, no fuss, just a quick vote that helps promote foster care,” explains Jessica Scheeler from the Racine County Foster Care program. “It’s also fun! Why not be involved?”

The 10 contenders for the Foster Care Sticker contest. Click the blue button to vote. – Credit: Racine County Foster Care Facebook page

Learn more about Foster Care

Interested in learning what more you can do to either support foster care and or become a foster parent?

Please contact Jessica Scheeler at or 262-638-6595 for more information.

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