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RACINE — Heavy Pedal Tours is planning to rock and roll into business in Downtown Racine, with rides beginning as soon as June 2023.

The new 15-passenger mobile pedal pub is riding full force into a summer full of opportunities along the coast of Lake Michigan, offering residents, tourists, and those exploring the city, an immersive experience.

Heavy Pedal Tours
Tristine Fleming

Business owner Tristine Fleming is kicking off this new endeavor in the Racine area after gaining years of experience as a guide in the Kenosha and Milwaukee areas. She’s spent 20 years in the tourism industry overall.

Originally, Fleming was to operate the pedal pub out of Pleasant Prairie, but a change in business plans has brought the business to Racine. Nonetheless, the pedal pub is aiming to open a sister location in Pleasant Prairie in 2024.

Her sidekick in this endeavor is her son, Tavin. In the future, he will be one of the guides and a face of the business people will come to know.

“I’m really glad I chose Racine because I have just had the best experience with the businesses downtown. They’re really eager to work with me. I almost feel like this was meant to be, everything happens for a reason,” says the owner.

Bringing the bike to Racine

For this business owner, it’s pedal to the metal from now until June. The primary focus as of now is to bring the bike to Racine.

Despite losing her original business partner, Fleming is hopeful that, through sponsorships, the bike will make the trek from Spain to Racine very soon. Currently, she is in the process of obtaining a business loan through WWBIC while also seeking sponsorships.

Heavy Pedal Tours
Tristine Fleming and her son, Tavin, are pedal partners. – Photo courtesy of Tristine Fileming

Learn more about those opportunities on her website.

An accessible and inclusive experience

This bike isn’t your average two-wheeler. It has more bells and whistles than imaginable to bring an inclusive, family-friendly experience downtown.

The bike has been built by Beer Bike Spain. It is an accessible and kid-friendly bike.

The seats and bar are adjustable. There are seatbelts for passengers to wear among various other safety features.

“I really want to make my bike as inclusive as possible, which is why I also got my bike to have the back end come off,” explains Fleming.

This allows those who are in wheelchairs the ability to ride without having to transfer out of their mobility device depending on each person’s preference. A ramp will allow those in wheelchairs to board the bike.

“I want to think about those people as well and nobody should be excluded from this kind of fun,” says Fleming.

Variety of tours

When people think of pedal pubs, they think of bar hopping. Unlike those tours, Fleming will offer multiple tours for people of all ages and interests.

There are tours for those on a budget. Friends and families can book the bike. It can be utilized for parties and celebrations. Sunset tours, wine-tasting tours, themed tours, and so much more will be available.

Fleming is operating with a different business model in mind. By including the fees of food, drinks and the tour all within the ticket price, she hopes to create a smooth process for customers and partnering businesses, restaurants and breweries. This allows the Pedal Tours business to pay its partners ahead of time, which means less time for business matters and more time for enjoying what Racine has to offer.

The ticket prices will depend on the type of tour that is booked. At this time, tours are not available for booking but will be in the near future. When available, tours will be available to book online.

At this time, Fleming is looking to build partnerships with local area businesses so that Heavy Pedal Tours fills their map with myriad places to offer as destinations.

Check out what’s to come by visiting the tour page.

To learn more about the business visit the website or contact Tristine by emailing or by calling 262-358-9922. Follow the day-to-day progress of Heavy Pedal Tours on Instagram.

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