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RACINE — The LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin is proud to host the 13th annual Equality Prom on April 22 at Meadowbrook Country Club, 2149 N. Green Bay Road, Racine.

Middle and high schoolers who identify as LGBTQIA+, in addition to anyone who is an ally and/or interested in attending, are welcome to dance the night away at Equality Prom.

A valid form of school identification is needed to enter. Students who are homeschooled are welcome to attend this free event as well.

Free night of fun

“This event has been an opportunity for the young folks to come together and build community since 2010,” said Barb Farrar, Executive Director of the Center.

The prom will go from 6 to 10 p.m. and feature a night of entertainment, dancing, food, drinks, music, a photo booth, an ice cream bar, raffles, and more.

“Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate the resiliency of our young queer community and to provide another year of good music, good vibes and delicious food— as well as what is sure to be some amazing fashion and great dancing,” said Farrar.

Event promotes inclusion

Equality Prom, LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin
People are free to be themselves without fear. – Credit: LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin / Equality Prom 2019

This year’s theme is Cottagecore. It was decided by individuals who utilize the center as a resource.

People are free to wear what they want and to be themselves.

The event aims to be as accessible and as inclusive as possible. Accommodations that are needed should be brought to the attention of The LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin.

“We want to make sure that this prom is inclusive to everyone regardless of how they want to express themselves with their fashion. It’s very much come as you are,” said Jasmine Alvarez, Operations Manager at the Center.

“Like the title says, it’s an Equality Prom— to be as safe and accessible to all folks, from all different walks of life,” said Patricia Castillo Venegas, Youth Coordinator.

There will be a sensory room/quiet room for people to use at the prom. Anyone is welcome to use it.

Safety is top priority

“A lot of students are excited to get involved,” said Castillo Venegas. “But one thing that they’ve been scared of is gun violence and just violence in general. Because of the security measures we’re taking, and just accepting the safe environment that we’ve created, it’s very much a safe place for students to feel free to be kids.”

Those hosting the event want to reassure promgoers that they are focused on security and making this event safe for attendees. There will be a security guard at the event.

Masks will not be required, but attendees are welcome to take those preventative measures to avoid contracting COVID-19.

“They (students) have missed out on in-person events because of COVID. Some of them haven’t experienced the prom, so this is gonna be a beautiful introduction, and a lovely night full of acceptance, and masking-safe place, so that you folks want a mask, of course, that is always encouraged,” said Castillo Venegas.

Transportation available to prom

An additional way that The LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin is working to make the prom accessible is by offering transportation.

Castillo Venegas explained that this event makes it so that “young people don’t feel so alone, and that they have a space to be celebrated (in).”

They want to knock down as many barriers as possible; transportation tends to be one of them. For the first time, transportation is being made available, thanks to a grant from SC Johnson.

Transportation will be available from Union Grove, Racine and Kenosha. Contact if transportation is needed to and from prom.

Bringing equity to students

Transportation barriers are just one way that students can experience inequity. Some students may have a ride, but not a suit or a dress.


Additional ways to give include several different sponsorship opportunities:

  • Send a student to the Equality Prom – $25
  • Contribute to the balloon decorations – $10
  • Help pay for the appetizer fund – $25
  • Contribute to the tabletop decor – $50
  • Give towards the photo booth – $100
  • Add to the ice cream bar fund – $250
  • Swag bags/party favors – $500
  • Chip in for the taco bar – $1,000
  • Or donate any amount for whatever is needed

Visit this link to donate.

Credit: LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin / Equality Prom 2019

The prom closet

On April 20, Equality promgoers were able to stop by the Center and “shop” the prom closet. All items were free of charge.

If you are interested in helping with this endeavor, contact the Center to find out ways you can provide assistance, items, or other talents and expertise for promgoers.

Register to attend the Equality Prom

Need more information? Contact Up-to-date information is available on The LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

To learn more about the mission of this nonprofit, check out its website.

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