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RACINE — A 35-year-old Racine man faces a felony charge of physical abuse of a child after he allegedly used a belt to discipline his child last month.

Chandler Pierce faces a maximum prison term of six years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted. Pierce remains in custody in the Racine County Jail on a $500 cash bond.

The criminal complaint: child reported being beaten with belt

A woman who has five children with the defendant told police she picked up her children from his mother’s residence to take them to school when her 12-year-old daughter stated that Pierce had “beat her with a belt for two minutes straight,” which caused welts on her arms and hands.

The child reported she had been sent to in-school suspension at school for running in the school hallway after she was “stabbed” in the arm with a pencil by another student. Pierce had to pick her up from school and allegedly struck her with a belt as punishment.

Pierce then made the girl take a cold shower to make the swelling go down because the welts were “large and black,” she told police. The girl also stated he told her to wear long sleeves to school, but she knew officials there would see because they aren’t allowed to wear long sleeves.

The officer observed visible red welts on the girl’s forearms and the lower parts of her upper arms. The girl stated the middle finger on her right hand was swollen, and she was unable to bend or move it.

Pierce told police the girl lied and said, “He tries to avoid giving any whoopings, but when the school call and say that you have to something about it, then has no choice.” He stated he grabbed the belt and tried to strike her on the buttocks, but she kept moving, and her arms got struck.

The defendant stated he struck the girl about 10 times.

Criminal court records show that Pierce has a lengthy record that dates back to 2005. He has been held in custody 23 times beginning in September 2006.

Pierce is due back in court on May 3, for an 8:30 a.m. status conference.

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