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RACINE — This past weekend, LGBT and other students from Racine County and beyond gathered for a night full of inclusivity and love at the 13th Annual Equality Prom at Meadowbrook Country Club, 2149 N. Green Bay Road in Racine. The prom was hosted by The LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin.

Prom is a memorable moment for students. The nonprofit organization hosting the event aims to create an accessible atmosphere that gives every child the chance to enjoy prom as who they are, wearing what they want, in a safe space.

“20% of Gen Z identifies as LGBTQ. We know that not all places are welcoming, and what’s really important is that they feel like they’re not alone and that they can build community and friendships with people who have unique experiences. And just to have fun and just have a prom experience,” said Barb Farrar, Executive Director of the Center.

Free to be who they want to be

This year’s theme was Cottagecore. As seen in the photos below, many dressed to match the theme.

“Sometimes people are really scared to go to their school’s prom because they know their school isn’t exactly accepting and they might not be allowed to wear what they want to wear to prom,” explained Wither Wick from Ruether High School.

At the 13th Annual Equality Prom, everyone enjoyed themselves, connected with others, and had fun in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

LGBT Center welcomes all

“Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity, as long as you are an advocate for the community, you’re welcome,” said Farrar about attending The LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin.

“It’s nice to know that there is a place where, if for some reason I felt left, that I could find people to talk to,” said Nayharia Boye from Walden III.

Prom photo gallery

In theme

On the dance floor

Dinner time

The attire

Dinner and dancing

Fun at prom


Under the lights

The Queens

Dancing the night away


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