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RACINE — Five students with intellectual disabilities between Horlick and Park High School are going to prom worry-free due to a generous donation from Men’s Wearhouse, 2520 S. Green Bay Road.

Since 2017, Men’s Wearhouse has been assisting families in offsetting the financial burden for select students with disabilities, ensuring the students receive the ultimate prom experience.

Every day we strive to win as a team and make a difference in our communities, it is one of our core values. Each year we pride ourselves on offering innovative programs and services that empower our teams to best serve their local area, and beyond.

– Gina Patrick, Tailored Brands Sr. Zone Business Operations Manager, Midwest, which includes Men’s Wearhouse

On April 20, Samjai Brooks from Park High School, Zane Cash, Avarion Seay, David Quioz, and Josh Sczymczak from Horlick High School picked out formal wear for prom.

Men’s Wearhouse
An educational assistant from Park High School helps Samjai Brooks get fitted for his suit at Men’s Warehouse. – Credit: Emma Widmar
Men’s Wearhouse
Zane Cash with his educational assistant, Patty Thomas, at the fitting. – Credit: Emma Widmar
Men’s Wearhouse
Avarion Seay from Horlick High School gets measured for his suit for Prom 2023. – Credit: Emma Widmar
Men’s Wearhouse
David Quioz gets measured by Thomas Baker for prom 2023. – Credit: Emma Widmar
Men’s Wearhouse
Vicki Barke, an educational assistant with RUSD, stands behind Josh Sczymczak as he browses potential suit colors. – Credit: Emma Widmar

Suit rentals, including dress shoes, will be free of charge for these students. According to an associate at the retail store, the rental cost of a suit is estimated at around $250 for prom-goers. For many families, this cost-demand is difficult to meet.

“It’s very helpful. It’s key,” explained Jamie Shufelt, educator at Park High School.

It’s a large cost for families, no matter their income level. Those struggling to make ends meet may not be able to send their students to prom due to the cost being prohibitive.

He knows that because of the generous donation, it’s fewer stressors for families to possibly endure on prom night.

Men’s Wearhouse
Jamie Shufelt, an educator at Park High School helps students select colors for their prom suits. – Credit: Emma Widmar

Tailored Brands has an unwavering commitment to making a difference in our local communities, whether it be through financial or merchandise donations. We’re proud that through our designated outreach programs, we’re able to nurture lasting relationships with communities where all our brands are located — like our Men’s Wearhouse store’s support of the Racine School District. It is a perfect example of our very purpose; we help people love the way they look and feel for their most important moments.

– Gina Patrick

Read the overview of the company’s commitment to community giving online.

Prom in Racine

Prom for the 2022-23 Racine Unified School District school year is May 20.

Men’s Wearhouse
Avarion Seay poses at Men’s Warehouse during his fitting for Prom 2023. – Credit: Emma Widmar

The extravaganza begins at each respective school with their individual prom dances. As Racine tradition follows, students then make their grand march (or ride) to the Racine Founder’s Rotary Post Prom at the Racine County Fairgrounds, 19805 Durand Ave., in Union Grove.

This well-loved celebration is an event that everyone looks forward to, including students with disabilities.

“We start talking about prom first semester,” said Ray Cushman, a special education teacher at Horlick. “It makes their year to go.”

Employees make an inclusive space

To make sure the students are looking and feeling their best, measurements were taken and sample suits were tried on at the Men’s Wearhouse in Racine.

The business is living up to its ‘Love the Way You Look’ slogan by creating an inclusive try-on experience at the retail store.

“They (the employees) seem to be very nice and accommodating to the students, getting them ready, prepared, and measured for the big day,” said Shufelt.

Students browsed samples of neckties and pocket squares. They were able to try on jackets and got to take good long looks in the store’s full-size mirror.

Men’s Wearhouse
Josh Sczymczak gets fitted by Men’s Warehouse employee Thomas Baker for Prom 2023. – Credit: Emma Widmar

“They (the employees) didn’t hesitate at all,” said Vicki Barke, an educational assistant. “They jumped right in.”

Suiting up for the big day

Men’s Wearhouse
Avarion Seay selects his suit jacket for prom 2023. His actual suit will be green. – Credit: Emma Widmar

So what are these promgoers wearing? Cash is keeping it classic and going with a black-and-white look, Seay picked out a dark green suit and Sczymczak went with a blue suit to match his glasses with a yellow undershirt. He’s a fan of the Brewers and thinks his prom outfit will showcase his love for the baseball team.

“I’m going to get my move on,” said Seay, who’s looking forward to a night of dancing.

Sczymczak, who plays on the golf team, is looking forward to seeing his friends and dancing with them.

As much as the donation benefits the students, year after year, it leaves an impact on associates at the formal wear store as well.

“It’s great for us too,” expressed Thomas Baker of Men’s Wearhouse.

Students will receive their custom suits on May 15.

Men’s Wearhouse
Josh Sczymczak holds a sample next to his glasses. The student at Horlick High School decided to match his glasses to his suit. – Credit: Emma Widmar
Men’s Wearhouse
Zane Cash smiles after finding the perfect suit for prom 2023. – Credit: Emma Widmar
Men’s Wearhouse
Sczymczak gives a thumbs up to his prom suit fitting experience. – Credit: Emma Widmar

What’s next for prom?

Stay tuned for more prom coverage on the Racine County Eye. As a reminder, prom photos can be sent to to be included in our 2023 Prom Gallery on our website.


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