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RACINE, KENOSHA COUNTIES — Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated each year as a way to celebrate the work that teachers contribute to communities everywhere.

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In Racine and Kenosha Counties, there are educators making grand impacts and inspiring students beyond the walls of the classrooms.

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This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated now until May 12. These simple gestures don’t just pertain to this week either, they can be applied beyond May 12 too.

Have a teacher in your life who you want to show some extra love to? The Racine County Eye has put together five ways to make the teachers in your life feel appreciated.

1. Say thank you

Showing your appreciation to your current or former educator can be as simple as saying thank you. Those two words go a long way in the eyes of an educator. It makes them feel validated; it lets them know their efforts are not going unnoticed.

An easy way that students and parents or guardians can say thank you is by making a homemade card or writing a message to their teacher.

Anything that is homemade will bring an aspect of personalization and is sure to brighten your teacher’s day.

Download the National PTA Teacher Appreciation Week Toolkit for templates for their thank-you cards, certificates, fliers, social media graphics, web ads, and more to show your appreciation.

2. Donate supplies

Did you know that teachers often use their own paychecks to add supplies to their classrooms?

Making a donation to a classroom is a great way that students, parents, and even community members can give back.

This is an affordable way to show educators that they are supported. Items like disinfecting wipes, tissues, sanitizer, glue sticks, markers, pencils, and notebooks are always needed.

This isn’t just a way for current students to get involved, people can give back to a former school they once attended too or a school nearby.

3. Attend school board meetings

Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to show support for teachers by making a commitment to going to the local school board meetings.

The school board is responsible for establishing goals, setting policies, and overseeing resources for various school districts in Racine and Kenosha Counties.

Community members can voice their opinions or ideas that support teachers at these meetings. By attending, concerns can be shared and solutions impacting education can be explored.

School board meetings are also a great time to learn more about what it takes to keep schools in the community moving forward.

This is a long-term way to show your appreciation to teachers and to be active in the community’s education.

4. Volunteer/join the PTA

This week is a great time to take steps to volunteer or join a local school PTA. Parents/guardians or community members can contact local teachers or their schools and offer to volunteer. Even just offering is a great way to show that someone is thinking of an educator and their important role.

Whether there is a classroom event happening or if you’d just like to be extra hands on deck, educators will value the extra help. Some ways to volunteer include: signing up to bring a dish to pass to a class event, chaperoning a field trip or even helping with classwork.

Are you involved with your school’s PTA, PTSA, or PTO? Nearly all schools have some version of a parent-teacher-student association or organization, and they are always looking for people to join them in their efforts to serve our children.

Consider volunteering with your school’s group; it can mean a commitment to one event, maybe once-a-month involvement, or a year-long journey of supporting our teachers and students. Be prepared to submit your information to the WINGS Volunteer Program for a background check, as all volunteers must have one completed before beginning their time of service at the school or at school functions.

5. Give a gift

Lastly, show appreciation to a teacher in your life by gifting them a small present. Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to remind our educators that they are worthy of gratitude.

A gift can be simple, but it will say a lot. It will say that you thought of the teacher in your student’s life and that won’t go unnoticed. A gift certificate to a local store, coffee shop, or restaurant can show your thankfulness to the educator in your life.

During this Teacher Appreciation Week, as always, thank you to the educators in Racine and Kenosha Counties who make a difference and choose to help others grow. Your efforts are appreciated by the Racine County Eye and Kenosha Lens.

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