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RACINE — Free hair and makeup application will be available for prom-goers on May 20 at The Main Project & Café, 1014 State St.

Free hair and makeup services for prom at The Main Project & Cafe on May 20
Mercedes Felix applies makeup on a prom-goer at the 2022 Beauty Obsessed Prom giveaway event. – Credit: Beauty Obsessed

Memories of going to prom are priceless, but the cost of tickets, attire, dinner, transportation, flowers, and other accessories add up to be an expensive evening. But the cost of a haircut or hairstyling, getting one’s nails painted, and a makeup application can be hard on the bank account.

Facebook group inspires event

Freelance makeup artist, Mercedes Felix, along with several other local area business owners, are offering up their talents to make sure students in the Racine area look and feel their best for prom.

The giveback event started in 2019 after Felix created a Facebook group to share her tips, tricks, and beauty insiders with the community.

The group called Beauty Obsessed ended up reaching people across the globe and even attracting the attention of Mark Zuckerberg.

In the past, Felix had attended conferences for creators through Facebook, which inspired her to do more than what she originally set out to do with the group. It was the push that got her involved in the Racine community during prom time.

“It started off as something just for girls in my hometown and my city to join in,” said Felix.

Making the most by giving back

The mission is to make the prom experience more accessible for those in the Racine area.

“I didn’t really have friends in high school and it was hard for me. I dealt with social anxiety and being shy. It’s hard for me to crack out of that shell. I use it (the Facebook group) as a safe place,” she said.

While Felix, who went to Horlick High School, did not attend prom, she knows how special the occasion is for those in Racine.

Free hair and makeup services for prom at The Main Project & Cafe on May 20
Since 2019, makeup applications and other beauty services have been free of charge for prom-goers. The reoccurring event is held at Main Project & Café, 1014 State St. – Credit: Beauty Obsessed

“I just want to be able to give my talent back to those who can’t really afford it,” she explained.

According to her, a makeup application is typically around $100 for prom.

Free hair and makeup services for prom at The Main Project & Cafe on May 20
In 2022, 15 individuals received beauty services ahead of prom, including hair styling. In 2023, the Beauty Obsessed group aims to reach more students who will attend prom. – Credit: Beauty Obsessed

In 2019, Felix was joined by Marissa Lopez as one of the founders. Since then she has stepped down due to personal reasons but was monumental in getting the ball rolling. The event took a hiatus for a few years due to COVID-19, and were able to bring it back in 2022 and served 15 prom-goers.

This year, they have a team of two barbers, hairstylists, make-up artists, two photographers, an eyebrow attendant, and nail artists. In total, there are around a dozen volunteers, including Deontrae Mayfield who is donating his business space to serve as the venue.

Volunteering time and skills

Everything that someone could need to get ready for prom, they’ve got it covered. Those who are volunteering are donating their products and skills.

People interested in donating money towards refreshments, snacks and supplies for the event can do so by using the Cash App. Send payments to $beautyobsessedgroup to make a contribution to this event.

Numerous freelancers in the beauty industry are donating their products, time and services on May 20. A Cash App account has been created for those looking to donate to the event.

“I want to help the people donating their time,” said Felix about seeking donations.

The volunteers will be available to perform services from 7 a.m. to around 1:30 or 2 p.m. on prom day.

Sign up for services

Anyone who is attending prom is welcome to attend. They serve all people.

Reservations are encouraged. People interested can book by contacting 240-685-7766. Walk-ins will be accepted on the day of the event as well.

Updates will be posted online on the Facebook event page.

Free hair and makeup services for prom at The Main Project & Cafe on May 20
The Main Project & Café is owned and operated by Deontrae Mayfield. Services will be provided out of the venue. – Credit: TMP
Reservations for this year’s event are encouraged. Walk-ins are welcome too. Any questions about the event should be directed to Felix.

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