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Racine Roundup

The Racine Roundup aired on TMJ4 during the 4 O’Clock news on Thursday, May 11. This week, Racine County Eye reporter Emma Widmar discussed various community happenings around Racine County with TMJ4 anchors Ryan Jenkins and Susan Kim.

1. Hotel Verdant opens summer 2023

Widmar and the anchors at TMJ4 kicked off the segment by talking about a new business in Downtown Racine. Come summer 2023, Hotel Verdant will open its doors and serve Racine as a full-service boutique hotel.

Widmar filled viewers in that there will be a full-service cafe, a rooftop restaurant and bar, space for weddings, meetings, and more. More details about the renovation of this building can be found on the Racine County Eye.

2. Mother’s Day brunches in Racine, Kenosha

Next up, the Racine Roundup covered Mother’s Day. In Racine County, there are numerous businesses serving brunch and hosting events to enjoy with Mom.

During the segment, Widmar touched on Reefpoint Brewhouse, Blue Bear, the Racine Zoo, and Apple Holler. For a full list of businesses serving up brunch or something fun on May 14, visit our website.

3. Free prom hair and make up on May 20

On May 20, which is prom day for Racine County, there will be free hair, makeup and other beauty services offered at The Main Project & Café, 1014 State St.

The event first started in 2019 and since has been a stellar event for promgoers to attend before embarking on a night of fun. More details about how to attend and what’s included can be found online.

About the segment

Each week a Racine County Eye staff member will share in-depth information on select stories from the week in our collaboration we call the Racine Roundup.

These stories have been curated to highlight what’s happening throughout Racine County, and sometimes Kenosha County as well. The Racine Roundup will focus on providing solution-based journalism to viewers in Racine, Kenosha and Milwaukee Counties and more, reaching a larger audience throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

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