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RACINE COUNTY – Biking is good exercise, great family fun, and here in Racine County, simply gorgeous.

The Racine area’s cycling opportunities extend from the Lake Michigan shoreline to peaceful country settings. Several former railroad corridors have been converted to bike paths creating an easy-to-follow trail network.

Some favorite biking trails to try

1. Lake Michigan Pathway – A 10-mile combination of street and off-road trails that follows Racine’s lakefront. It connects the MRK-WE Energies Trail at the north to the North Shore Trail at the south.

2. Root River Pathway – A 4-mile biking route along the Root River starting at the Main Street bridge and ending at Colonial Park. This combination of city streets and a paved off-road trail passes through nine city parks. Watch for wildlife, including river otters and blue herons!

3. Pike River Pathway – A paved, mostly off-road 5-mile trail that passes through preserved wetlands area in the Village of Mount Pleasant. Easily accessed from Case High School or Old Spring Street at Airline Road. The pathway’s south end links to Kenosha County’s bike trail system.

4. North Shore Trail – A 3-mile former railroad right-of-way paved trail that skirts wooded areas on its way south to a connection with the Kenosha County bike trail system. Access at West Boulevard and 19th Street in Racine.

5. MRK-WE Energies Trail – Another former railroad corridor, this partially paved and partially packed gravel off-road trail is about 5 miles long and easy to use. It can be accessed from the south at Layard Avenue, just west of Douglas Avenue, in Racine. From the north, the access point is at 6 Mile Road in Caledonia.

6. Racine/Sturtevant Trail – This ex-rail corridor is about 3.5 miles long and accessed at West Boulevard and 19th Street in Racine. It connects the North Shore Trail with the Pike River Pathway.

Map of several bike trails in Racine County. – Credit: Racine County Maps – ArcGIS

For individual digital maps of each of these and other biking and recreation trail opportunities, visit the Racine County Trails page online.

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