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RACINE — Mariah Jackson picked up the skill of sewing at Case High School in 2019 and now four years later, she’s running her own business, Mulan Creations.

Mulan Creations
Credit: Racine County Eye

“I learned to sew my sophomore year and after that, I’ve just been sewing ever since,” says Jackson.

Mulan Creations is a small business based out of Racine that sells custom and handmade dresses, clothing, and accessories for events like prom, graduation, birthdays and other celebrations.

“I do few alterations here and there but I was just mostly design,” says Jackson.

Other than two courses at the high school, Jackson taught herself everything she knows through trial and error, along with the help of Youtube. Jackson has a quiet confidence and a drive to produce quality-yet-memorable pieces of wearable artwork for clients, all while bringing their fashion ideas to life.

While Jackson doesn’t have a physical storefront to invite the community into, her work always starts a conversation that has led to the growth of her company. At 19 years old, the Case High School graduate is focused on growing her business, finding a location in Racine County to base her own studio, and continuing to sew as a way to sustain herself.

“I do this full time. I recently got my LLC. I’m working on getting an office space for me to work in now, so I won’t have to work in my mother’s basement anymore,” says the dress designer.

Making a name for herself

From a young age, Jackson had an interest in Disney princesses, it’s where the name Mulan Creations comes from. Now through her business, she’s making others feel like princesses or royalty by providing clients with dresses they can only get made by Jackson.

Most recently, the glitz and glam that Jackson was focused on was prom season.

“I do everything from pattern cutting to measuring to ordering the patterns I need to make dresses, to fabric sourcing online… Everything. I need all of that. I do pretty much all of that by myself,” says the Mulan Creations owner.

This year, Mulan Creations helped make countless prom-goers look and feel their very best with one-of-a-kind dresses. Multiple show-stopping appearances were made on the red carpet at Rotary Post Prom all because of this young entrepreneur.

While Jackson wasn’t sporting the gowns, she’s the woman behind the brand who created 23 floor-length, embellished, and extravagant dresses for the event for prom-goers to wear.

  • Mulan Creations
  • Mulan Creations
  • Mulan Creations
  • Mulan Creations
  • Mulan Creations
  • Mulan Creations
  • Mulan Creations

This series of creating multiple prom dresses came following the making of Mariah’s very own prom dress in 2022.

“Well, since I’ve graduated, I’m just learning and growing. The year I was in high school I was proud and I made probably just three simple parameters, just to see how it will go,” explains Mariah.

This year, the story was different. Mulan Creations went all out.

“My skill set has definitely expanded and got way better than what it used to be,” says the fashion designer about her work. “My technique is way better than it used to be.”

Dedicated to the dream

Mariah’s style is one that’s easily recognizable. It’s fun, upbeat, and makes heads turn.

Mulan Creations
Mariah Jackson poses in the first prom dress she made for herself in 2022. This dress was the start of Mulan Creations. – Credit: Mulan Creations

“I’m into sparkly and feathers. I love anything tight with a slit. I love the red dresses. Feather dresses are just top-tier, any dress that is pink, I’m a sucker for the color pink,” all go down as favorites for Mariah.

Whether a simple style or as extra as prom and other formal dresses can come, it takes time, skill, and effort.

“I’m putting a good, a decent, amount of hours in making these dresses. Just to finish one dress I will say it takes me at least four to six hours,” explains Jackson. “If I am consistent with it, with the working, then most likely I could finish three dresses in a day.”

Hard work comes with a price to pay too, but one the business owner wants to keep affordable for her clients.

“I try to keep the prices as honest as I can because some designers charge over $800 to $2000 for dresses,” says Jackson.

Depending on the event, the style, and the time spent working on the dresses, Mariah works to set an affordable price for clients of Mulan Creations.

At prom, the most intricate gown from Mulan Creations was $1,200, but everything else was under $1,000. For other events, the prices could vary.

Creative outlet

Being a designer is a passion and more than a business to Jackson. It is her creative outlet.

“It really takes technique and you have to have a good mental state also,” explains Jackson about the creative process. “You have to have a good mental state to sew because if your mind is not good, you can’t. It gets very hard to focus and to get up and want to do it. So mental always comes first.”

She encourages people to find what they are passionate about and make the most of it, whether that is becoming a business owner or taking another direction.

Get Connected

At this time, a website is in the process of being developed. Connect with Mulan Creations on Facebook. Text 262-333-4750 or email for inquiries about custom creations.

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