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RACINE — Are you looking for a smaller, more quaint beach experience? Racine’s Zoo Beach, located on the north side of North Beach, is a smaller beach park that might be what you’re looking for.

The City of Racine Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (PRCS) announced that Zoo Beach will officially open its sandy floors and refreshing waters to the public on June 10. Officials with the City of Racine want you to know about the enhanced safety measures in place.

Lifeguard schedule

The beach will be staffed with trained lifeguards who will ensure the safety of visitors throughout the summer season. Lifeguards will be on duty on Saturdays and Sundays only, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

In order to maintain a safe environment for all park-goers, PRCS has put in place a set of guidelines for all beachgoers to observe. 

Zoo Beach guidelines

  1. No motor boats, windsurfers or floating devices (water wings, inner tubes, rafts, etc.) are allowed in the protected swim area.
  2. Please do not block the area in front of the lifeguard chairs, boats or rescue boards. Your interference could hamper the effectiveness of a rescue.
  3. Swim only in the protected area. Lifeguards may restrict the swimming area for your safety when hazardous conditions are present.
  4. For daily water conditions at Zoo Beach, please check the City of Racine’s website, where a new interactive beach map is also available.
  5. Please note that Zoo Beach Parks will close promptly at 10 p.m., and visitors are expected to vacate the premises by that time.

Interactive Beach Map

According to the City of Racine, the new map combines convenience and an emphasis on safety for beachgoers.

Adele Edwards, Chief Information Officer for the City of Racine and manager of the design team, made the following statement in a press release:

“With its interactive features and comprehensive information, the map is designed to empower visitors and enhance their experience at Racine’s beautiful beaches. We are committed to providing the best amenities and resources for our residents and tourists, and the Racine Beach Map is a testament to that commitment.”

Racine North Beach other beaches map
Screenshot of the City of Racine’s Interactive Beach Map – Credit:

Prohibited activities according to the City of Racine Ordinance

The City of Racine Ordinance strictly prohibits certain activities within the park and beach area. Please observe the following prohibited items/activities when attending Racine beaches:

  1. Alcoholic beverages (except within the North Beach Oasis area).
  2. Motorized vehicles on the beaches.
  3. Glass containers on the beaches.
  4. Fire on the beaches.
  5. Dogs or any pets in the park and beach areas.

Stay Informed about PRCS Events and Information

For information regarding upcoming PRCS events, interested individuals can visit, personally visit the PRCS main office at 800 Center St., Room 127, or contact PRCS directly at 262-636-9131. PRCS can also be found on Facebook.

As Zoo Beach prepares to welcome visitors once again, these safety measures and regulations are intended to ensure an enjoyable and secure experience for all park-goers. PRCS encourages residents and visitors to familiarize themselves with the guidelines and to adhere to them throughout the summer season.

Lake Michigan Pathway

Zoo Beach sits snugly at the Lake Michigan Pathway, which officially opened earlier this week.

The Lake Michigan Pathway, which runs about 10 miles along the lakefront, connects to other marked bicycle trails in eastern Racine County.

Zoo Beach
The Lake Michigan Pathway runs along the edge of Zoo Beach. – Credit: Paul Holley

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