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RACINE COUNTY — Two coastline projects in Racine are receiving funding from the distribution of Gov. Tony Evers’ 1.4 million in grants from Wisconsin’s federally funded Coastal Management Program.

The funds benefitting Racine will be distributed to the Meachem Stormwater Pond Constructed Wetland Conversion project and the Scenic Platform for Wetland Viewing at Samuel Myer Park.

The 34 grants are administered by the Wisconsin Department of Administration’s (DOA) Wisconsin Coastal Management Program (WCMP) to be used by local, state, and Tribal governments, regional planning commissions, universities, and nonprofit organizations to assist with projects totaling over $3.4 million.

These grants work towards enhancing public access, sustainable use practices, community development, habitat restoration, and pollution control.

These projects were recommended by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Council. This is a governor-appointed citizen and governmental advisory group. They work to support economic development, protect and improve Great Lakes resources, and create resiliency in Wisconsin’s coastal communities. 

“Here in Wisconsin, we are fortunate to have more than 800 miles of Great Lakes shoreline that are critical gateways to our state and provide fresh water, jobs, recreation, and an improved quality of life for folks across our state, especially those who call our coastal communities their home,” said Gov. Evers. “Many of these communities are experiencing every day the harmful effects of climate change, erosion, and flooding, and this year’s grants will help tackle many of the challenges faced by our coastal communities while creating solutions for the future so these communities can continue to grow and thrive.”

Grant funds for Meachem Stormwater Pond Constructed Wetland Conversion

In Racine, the Meachem Stormwater Pond Constructed Wetland Conversion (MSPCWS) will receive $28,127 in grant funds. The applicant for this project is Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network (Root-Pike WIN).

According to the DOA’s report, this project will develop and complete 30%, 60%, 90%, and 100% engineering and design plans to transform the Meachem Stormwater Pond in Racine County into a constructed wetland.

Additionally, the constructed wetland will treat flows from the drainage area via a series of interlinked treatment systems before discharging into an adjacent 60-acre restored wetland system.

Grant funds for Scenic Platform for Wetland Viewing at Samuel Myer Park

In addition, the City of Racine has been awarded $26,400 to increase public access through the building of a scenic platform that is to be constructed at Samuel Myer Park, 1 11th St.

According to the report, the platform will be on the edge of the west wetland at Samuel Myers Park with a ramp, railing, and educational signs to benefit the public.

Installing this platform will allow the public to appropriately view wetland plants and animals at the recently restored site.

Samuel Myer Park, grant funding
Samuel Myer Park Credit: City of Racine

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Want to know more about the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program? Visit the website for additional information. An interactive story map with details about some past coastal grants can also be viewed online here. Read about additional recipients of this year’s grants by viewing the DOA’s report.