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UPDATE (11:03 a.m., June 8, 2023): The traffic re-route has been completed as of Thursday morning; the parking spaces are re-striped.

Original story (12:20 p.m., June 7, 2023) :

RACINE — Traffic on Monument Square in Downtown Racine will be permanently redirected starting this Thursday (June 8). Monument Square is the one-way street that serves businesses along the square between Fifth and Sixth Streets.

Party on the Pavement
Monument Square is home to many events in Downtown Racine. – Credit: Paul Holley

The Racine Department of Public Works (DPW) announced Monday that the one-way traffic direction will be changed from the present northbound configuration to a southbound configuration. As a result, the angled parking stalls in front of Monument Square businesses will change.

The flipped parking stalls will be marked out in fresh, white epoxy paint.

Vehicle access to Monument Square will be closed starting on Thursday. The summer’s first Racine HarborMarket is also set for late Thursday afternoon.

After the work is completed, new signage marked with flags will be put up to make motorists aware of the traffic direction change.

Traffic redirection will benefit hotel guests, others

The traffic redirection will provide improved vehicle access to the new Hotel Verdant, which is planned to open later this month at 500 Monument Square. The 80-room boutique hotel, developed by Dominion Properties of Milwaukee, consists of the four-story former Zahn’s Department Store and adjacent new construction.

Hotel Verdant
The long-awaited Hotel Verdant is set to open its doors in the summer, with rooms becoming available for booking starting in August. – Credit: Hotel Verdant

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