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RACINE, GREEN BAY — A pair of couples, one based in Racine and the other in Green Bay, is making sweet dreams come true through their company Slumberland Rentals.

Slumberland Rentals
Logan and Bryce Sinnett (front) and Marcus and Katie Boehm (back) have found a business partnership with friends can have stunning results. – Credit: Slumberland Rentals

Logan and Bryce Sinnett and Marcus and Katie Boehm founded their company with the goal of providing people with an experience that brings joy to others through tent rentals for sleepovers.

When people think of tents, one may think of the tents people pitch outside. However, that’s not the case for this group of friends-turned-business-partners, the tents they rent are the key to an aesthetically pleasing and fun indoor setup.

Two locations, one goal

The Sinnett family operates out of Racine, whereas the Boehm family is based out of Green Bay.

This allows party planners the opportunity to turn an ordinary sleepover into an extraordinary one, by having the option to rent out of two different parts of the state.

Logan and Marcus, both from Racine, have been lifelong friends since childhood. This new business they operate with their wives allows them to stay connected, keeping their friendship tight, despite living in different parts of Wisconsin.

“It’s all under the same company. It’s all the exact same. It’s just the two different locations,” said Bryce Sinnett of the Racine location.

While Slumberland Rentals is unique to Racine and Green Bay, tent rental services for sleepovers are growing in popularity and come with quite a price tag. For the Sinnett and Boehm families, they wanted to offer the community a service that is equally fun and affordable.

Giving children more

Slumberland Rental gears its services to school-age children and teens.

People are welcome to use the services for sleepovers with family, friends, birthdays, events and more.

Slumberland Rentals
Camp Slumber offers the glow of a campfire indoors. – Credit: Slumberland Rentals
Slumberland Rentals
Rustic plaid and log-shaped pillows really set the mood. – Credit: Slumberland Rentals

“We were talking about how people, especially kids, have so many tangible objects, tangible things, so many toys, and so many clothes,” explained Bryce. “They (the children) get gifts for Christmas and birthdays, they just get so many tangible things, and those things are so cool, but they’re also very temporary.”

Wanting to provide children with something more than a temporary toy or item, they founded their company as a way to establish an experience that would help shape young minds and provide a place for lasting memories to form.

“Things that are good experiences are so much cooler because they really build those memories and those memories last a lifetime,” says Bryce.

How it works

Creating unforgettable memories with Slumberland Rentals is easy. The gateway to a night or two of fun can be secured within three steps.

Select a theme

Guests looking to book their services can select a theme for their child on the website.

The three themes offered include:

  1. Camp Slumber
  2. Dreamland
  3. Happy Birthday

They also offer add-ons like popcorn, smores, and birthday balloons to make the experience just that more memorable.

What’s included?

When booking, the team makes it easy, giving you everything needed including:

  • Tent Frame
  • Tent cover
  • Air mattress
  • Air mattress pump
  • Fitted sheet
  • Blanket
  • Decorative pillows
  • Breakfast tray
  • String lights 

Rentals are $40 for one night. Each tent rented for a second night is 50% off. To book, request a rental.

Make it your own

After placing an order for a rental, the ball is in the renter’s court.

“People actually just pick up or we will deliver the things and they set it up on their own, in their house, so they can choose where they want it to go. They can choose how they want the setup to be,” said Bryce.

Slumberland Rentals
Serene white decor gives the Dreamland theme a clean, simplistic feel. – Credit: Slumberland Rentals
Slumberland Rentals
Complete with macrame woven tassels and clouds, this option offers soft comfort that is sure to please. – Credit: Slumberland Rentals

“What we’ve done is on our website. We have pictures so people can see some options of how they can set it up, but ultimately they get to choose how they want to set it up on their own.”

These tent rentals give overnight party experiences a special and memorable element, especially with the ability to make the setup your own. A night of slumbering under their shimmering lights, fun decor, and next to a close friend or family member is something that everyone will cherish.

Following the rules

Bryce informed the Racine County Eye that they have a minimum requirement of renting two tents with the option to rent up to six at a time.

People are welcome to enjoy their own snacks on the beds and inside the tents. They ask that animals and shoes stay off the equipment, as well as always keeping the items indoors. Complete terms and conditions can be found here.

As parents, the group prioritizes the cleanliness of their products, therefore everything is thoroughly washed, disinfected and in good repair before being rented out again.

Giving back

When establishing Slumberland Rentals, the team wanted to use their business as a way to pay it forward. The couples will be connecting with local organizations and nonprofits that are linked to missions involving children and donating back to those helping in the communities.

Slumberland Rentals
The Happy Birthday theme is just what you need to bring a pop of color and whimsy to the party. – Credit: Slumberland Rentals
Slumberland Rentals
Color changing LED string lights, colorful garland and festive pillows bring a memorable look for the perfect birthday party. – Credit: Slumberland Rentals

As another avenue for community involvement, Slumberland Rentals will make their rentals available as donations for raffles, benefits for schools and more.

Connect with the Slumberland Rentals

Want to learn more about this company?

Visit their website, connect with them on Instagram and like them on Facebook for more information.

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