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MADISON — Wisconsinites are encouraged by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) to complete their renewals for BadgerCare Plus or Wisconsin Medicaid on time or what DHS pinpoints as a “just right” time to avoid any gaps in healthcare coverage.

All members of BadgerCare Plus and other Wisconsin Medicaid programs have been assigned a healthcare renewal date between June 2023 and May 2024. 

With renewals being underway, DHS notes that residents must complete their paperwork by this specific time or risk losing their coverage.

“If a member is still eligible, we want them to keep their state coverage. If they’re not, we want to help connect them to resources to help them find other options. Either way, the process starts with submitting their renewal,” said State Medicaid Director Jamie Kuhn. “It’s been more than three years since any of our members have done one and for many, it’s the first time. That’s why we’re working hard to get the word out and why we’re sharing information with more than 100 partner organizations from all over the state to help raise awareness and provide assistance.”

June and July renewals

The “just right” time for June renewals is June 16.

DHS sent renewal packets to approximately 53,000 Wisconsin households. These individuals who received the paperwork are scheduled to renew in June. If submitted after June 16, gaps in coverage could occur. 

The release from DHS also states packets are in the mail to members with July renewals. Those who receive their packets should send in updated information by July 18 to avoid coverage gaps. 

Renewal periods

To find out when is the “just right” time period, check online at your renewal status and view the schedule below.

Month (2023)“Just Right” windowStatus
June (2023)May 15 to June 16Last chance to renew
July (2023) June 12 to July 18 Renew now
August (2023)July 10 to Aug. 17Get renewal reminders
September (2023)Aug. 14 to Sept. 15Get renewal reminders
October (2023)Sept. 11 to Oct. 18Get renewal reminders
November (2023)Oct. 16 to Nov. 16Get renewal reminders
December (2023)Nov. 13 to Dec. 18Get renewal reminders
January (2024)Dec. 11 to Jan 18Get renewal reminders
February (2024)Jan. 15 to Feb. 16Get renewal reminders
March (2024)Feb. 12 to March 18Get renewal reminders
April (2024)March 11 to April 17Get renewal reminders
May (2024)April 15 to May 16Get renewal reminders
“Just Right” schedule for Medicaid renewals

Missing the mark

If you miss the mark for renewal, DHS states the following:

  • In some situations, you may be able to do a late renewal up to three months after your renewal month. Check with your local agency to see if that’s possible.
  • If you do not renew during your renewal month, your benefits will end.
    • During the following three months, you can do a late renewal for BadgerCare Plus and most Wisconsin Medicaid programs. If you do a late renewal, however, you might have a gap in coverage.
    • Starting four months after your renewal month, you will have to reapply.
    • If not, call 211 or visit to get help finding other coverage.

Other options

Those who do not qualify for BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid have the following options according to DHS:

  • If your health care is through an HMO, contact them as soon as possible.
  • Explore health insurance plans through
  • Call 211 or visit to get free expert help from an insurance navigator.

For more information about renewals, visit this DHS webpage.

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