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Social media refers to websites and apps that allow users to share content and communicate instantly with one another. These platforms have become effective tools for businesses to expand and develop, especially when recruiting new employees. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the ways in which social media has advanced the process of recruitment.

Wider Reach and Increased Visibility

Social media is incredibly powerful because it has the unparalleled ability to reach such a wide potential audience. This can connect users to your brand, business, account, or post, increasing visibility and awareness. A simple way to grow visibility is to use hashtags and keywords, boosting the reach of the content and making it easily findable for users.

Recruiters can utilize social media platforms to reach a broader range of candidates than ever before. Facebook, for instance, has a whopping 2.9 billion users and Instagram has over 1 billion. In comparison, LinkedIn may only have a mere 930 million, but it is the biggest business networking platform and many of its users are actively seeking jobs.

Better Targeting

Recruitment involves looking for candidates to fit roles, these can vary from a makeup artist for Mac, a live card dealer at Platincasino Canada, or a driver at Uber, regardless of the role or company, social media is a great way to target candidates and reach the specific demographic.

Social media advertisement allows marketing campaigns to specifically target a demographic based on their online habits and interests. This is a powerful resource for recruiters looking to advertise their roles to a particular audience, both effectively and quickly. These platforms also have both active and passive candidates since a user may come across a job that they are not actively searching for but interests them. It is a successful way of finding experienced and high-quality talent.

Faster Recruitment

One of the greatest benefits of social media is the ability to connect with people instantly. This quick and easy process of communication ensures a streamlined process of recruitment when using these platforms. Not only do recruiters find candidates faster, but they also use fewer resources and less effort in the process. In comparison to traditional recruitment sites, users are also already frequently spending time on social media, so it is easier for a recruiter or a job post to come into contact with them.

Additionally, the use of chatbots – AI assistants – has further simplified the hiring process by lessening the workload of recruiters. These chatbots can answer questions from applicants, match them to listings, screen their resumes for keywords and correct qualifications, and plan interviews.

Improved Candidate Engagement

If a company wishes to perform successfully on social media, it is vital to provide engaging content that resonates with your intended audience. Due to the creative nature of these platforms, this requires using video, images, and polls to produce a stimulating experience for your audience that is personal and direct. Generally, for potential candidates, this results in a more positive recruitment experience for it is entirely different from a detached job listing on a website. By using social media, it is possible to humanize and create an image around your company that attracts the right candidate.

Brand building

Marketing is the fundamental aspect of building your employer brand; it is essential to promote the value of your brand, or simply people will not know about it. In recent years, social media marketing has emerged as the most effective form of advertising and one of the main sources of brand discovery. Thus, the creation of a strong online presence has become integral to establishing and elevating your brand. Of course, every social media platform is different in its own way, each one having advantages and disadvantages.

Nevertheless, it is important that your online presence is cohesive across all platforms to bolster your employer brand. In terms of recruitment, your social media must reflect the kind of candidates that you are looking to hire. This means building an identity that is representative of a company’s culture and work environment, one way to achieve this is through current employee testimonials. The stronger the brand’s identity and online presence, the more it is likely to attract top talent.


Social media has streamlined the process of recruitment, increasing the pool of candidates, growing engagement, and establishing an employer brand. Nowadays, when producing a recruitment strategy, it is clear to see why the inclusion of social media is integral to finding the top talent for a company.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.