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During the 2022 MLB season, Milwaukee Brewers fans were left heartbroken as their team missed the playoffs. But could Wisconsin’s beloved baseball franchise rectify last year’s disappointment and make a run in the National League this term? 

At the time of writing (last week of June 2023), Milwaukee is second in the NL Central standings with a 40-37 record and is just a mere win behind Cincinnati in first place (41-37). They’re legitimate contenders and are buyers heading toward the All-Star break in July. Furthermore, they boast a squad with the talent to reach the playoffs and own one of the strongest starting rotations in the NL Central. 

Naturally, there’s room for improvement, including a list of injuries they’ve had and are still dealing with. 

Milwaukee Brewers: Competing for the NL Central title

There’s a small gap between first and last position in the NL Central, with basement dwellers St. Louis sitting just nine wins behind Cincy in first. While the Reds have become the Brewers’ most formidable opposition in the division, it didn’t begin this way. The Pirates started the season with a 20-8 record but have fallen off to seemingly battle for a third-position Wild Card spot in the NL. 

Some would suggest the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs are going through rebuilds. Overall, the Cardinals have been terrible this season, and those three pitching rotations haven’t impressed much. The Brew Crew could unquestionably own the highest probability of making a serious run in October, as a first-place finish in the NL Central is entirely possible. 

Given the circumstances of the Brewers’ opposition, it would be a disappointing end to the season if they faltered in making the playoffs two years consecutively. You know the MLB season is a marathon, but we’re talking about one of baseball’s most noteworthy analytical franchises.

Yes, the gap between the first and last position in the NL Central Standings is just 8.5 games, and it’s currently anyone’s for the taking. However, you can give yourself the chance to use the promo code by  Caesars sportsbook, and put your money on Craig Counsell and company – a manager that previously reached three postseason appearances between 2018 and 2020. With your knowledge and understanding of the Brewers’ potential, you have the opportunity to make a confident bet. Trust the Brewers and their capable manager to secure a spot in the playoffs again.

The Brewers are currently in third place in the NL Central, 5.5 games behind the first-place St. Louis Cardinals. They have 74 games remaining in the season. To make the playoffs, the Brewers must win at least 89 games. They will also need to finish ahead of the Cardinals and the Cincinnati Reds, who are currently in second place.

The Brewers’ odds could be better, but they are still in contention. If they can stay healthy and play well down the stretch, they have a chance to make the playoffs. The Milwaukee Brewers odds are:

  • World Series: +3500
  • National League Pennant: +1400
  • NL Central Division: +220
  • Wild Card: +500

If you were to bet against the Brewers, though, it’s understandable with some of the alarm bells that have rung throughout July. 

Brewers: Causes for concern 

We’ll start by highlighting that success in the NL Central isn’t exactly boastful material. It’s easy to suggest that it’s the second-worst division in the MLB behind the AL Central. As the Reds and the Brewers battle for the top spot, they’re the only teams above .500, but not by much. 

The most problematic situation for the Brewers is what’s happening in Cincy, a team that’s currently 8-2 in their last ten games and was recently on a 10-game win streak for good measure. The Reds have evolved into a compelling opponent for the Brewers since Elly De La Cruz joined and Joey Votto returned. 

A big question looms over whether or not they can keep up with the Reds. The talent is present, but it can only take you so far, and it’s the position players overall that’s owned a lackluster beginning to the 2023 season. Christian Yelich and William Contreras could be the exception. Still, the team has countless guys with average production, like Willy Adames, Jesse Winker, and Rowdy Tellez, who continue to underperform. 

Said problems become evident once you compare the Brewers’ position player WAR (Wins Above Replacement) versus the other teams in the NL Central. 

NL Central Standings – position player WAR 

  1. Cardinals: 10.3 fWAR
  2. Cubs: 9.1 fWAR
  3. Pirates: 7.4 fWAR
  4. Reds: 7.1 fWAR
  5. Brewers: 5.5 fWAR

There’s a small light at the end of this tunnel because the division’s two worst teams own the highest fWAR for position players. A team’s offense is imperative, but it is going to take a lot of work to dictate a team’s complete success.

However, as the worst position-player team in the NL, combining this with the Brewers’ pitching staff mishaps could evolve into a bigger issue. The Reds are fourth in player position WAR, but the offensive improvements displayed will only be simple to keep pace with if the Brewers make alterations. 

Should the Brewers seriously want to compete for the NL Central, they must hit the ball more often and start soon before a potential lead slips away.


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