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RACINE — A temporary speed hump was installed this morning by the City of Racine’s Department of Public Works on Michigan Boulevard.

The installation is temporary and part of a pilot program that is geared toward improving safety for residents and those traveling throughout Racine.

“The City of Racine’s number one priority is resident and visitor safety,” said City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason in a press release. “By introducing the temporary speed hump program, the city aims to create safer streets for pedestrians, motorists, and families. I look forward to hearing from our residents about this program and how it improves their lives.”

Data to drive future decisions

The speed hump will help to evaluate speed data and give information about the effectiveness of reducing speeding at this location.

Credit: City of Racine

“Prior to installation, the Department of Public Works conducted a thorough data collection process, which involved the use of tube counters to measure speed and volume,” said John Rooney, Public Works Commissioner. “DPW will collect similar data after installation to analyze the effectiveness of the temporary speed hump and determine where permanent measures may be required.”

Community partners at work

Racine Police’s efforts

The trial speed hump’s location on Michigan Boulevard was selected in coordination with the Racine Police Department, which identified the area as needing increased traffic safety measures.

According to the release from the City of Racine, RPD identified several other streets, including park roads, to pilot additional speed hump locations in the future.

RPD identifies areas of problematic speeds when greater than 3% of the average daily traffic exceeds the posted speed limit by 11 miles per hour.

According to the Department of Transportation, studies show speed humps can be effective at reducing speeds by an average of 10 mph.

Common Council weighs in

The temporary speed hump pilot program was approved by Racine’s Common Council and included in this year’s budget.

“Since my term as Alder began in 2022, reckless driving has been the most frequent concern brought to my attention by constituents. I am grateful the first speed hump will be placed near North Beach, the safety of neighborhood kids and families visiting the beach will surely be enhanced with this program. Thank you to everyone involved,” shared Alder Amanda Paffrath.

Commissioner Rooney noted the collaboration between all participants as the success of the project would not be possible without all who were involved.

Credit: City of Racine
Credit: City of Racine

“I’d like to thank my Department of Public Works staff, our business partners, and the Common Council for their work on this project,” said Rooney.

Paffrath piggybacked his statement with the following accolades.

“I applaud the Administration, Department of Public Works, and the Racine Police Department for working together to create this pilot program.”

Requesting a speed hump

The Department of Public Works is currently developing a policy that allows residents to request temporary speed humps for their neighborhoods.

The intent is for residents to request installations and then Public Works will then vet those requests to ensure they meet specific criteria for temporary installation.

The release states that Public Works will install and remove all temporary speed humps between April and November to ensure there are no conflicts with snow and ice operations.

The proposed policy is currently under review.

More information about the City of Racine can be found online. Visit the Department of Public Works page for additional details about the department.

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