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RACINE — A fight inside a Racine residence on July 11 led to four criminal charges, including battery, against a 19-year-old Racine woman – who then caught three more charges later that night for an incident inside the Racine County Jail.

Sahrayna Woods is charged with a felony count of battery to a law enforcement officer and misdemeanor charges of resisting an officer, battery and disorderly conduct that stem from the original incident.

Woods also is charged with a felony count of battery to a public officer, along with misdemeanor counts of resisting and disorderly conduct for the incident later that night at the jail.

Court records show that a $5,000 cash bond was set in each case, and Woods remains in custody in the Racine County Jail.

The criminal complaint in the original arrest: battery, disorderly conduct, battery to an officer

Racine Police officers were dispatched to the 1600 block of Grange Avenue for a fight that happened between Woods and another female.

While police spoke to the caller, another officer observed police walking the defendant down the stairs. Woods allegedly was being uncooperative and had to be carried from the residence.

The victim stated there had been “tension” between the two throughout the day, and when Woods refused to get her a glass of water, she became upset. As a third woman attempted to get between the two, the defendant then allegedly threw a punch and hit the victim in her right eye.

As police attempted to secure Woods’s cell phone from inside the squad car, she allegedly yelled vulgarities toward the officer, then became combative and dug her nails into the officer’s hand. She then allegedly kicked an officer twice in the groin.

The second criminal complaint: battery to a public officer, resisting, disorderly conduct

Racine County Sheriff’s Department deputies were dispatched to the jail at 12:15 a.m., where they spoke with a corrections officer, who stated the Woods had to be pulled from the squad car by several other officers. At one point, Woods kicked an officer in her right knee.

That officer required medical attention for a soft tissue injury, the complaint states.

Body camera footage showed Woods sitting on a bench, and when the officer let go of her legs, she “quickly thrust her right leg forward” and struck the officer. The footage also showed Woods continue to be uncooperative throughout, the complaint states.

Woods is due back in Racine County Circuit Court on July 19, for a 9 a.m. preliminary hearing.

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