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OPINION — I do not know Congressman Bryan Steil, so I can only put forth assumptions about his personality, outlook on social issues, and politics. I would assume that since he is a Republican and follows the party’s agenda (a requirement for membership), he may be anti-Black, anti-LGBTQIA, anti-immigration, and against anything positive for the life chances of the marginalized populations of America. So, of all the things that I do not know for sure about Steil, one thing that I am sure of, is that he must go.

When Steil beat Randy Bryce for the position of Representative of the Wisconsin Congressional First District back in 2018, Blacks living in the district knew their needs would again be ignored in the halls of Congress, just like they were under Paul hate-the-poor Ryan. Mr. Bryce would have been the perfect officeholder because of his belief in humanity, and that is basically what politics should be about, making life better for us all. However, since then, Steil has won another term in 2020, and things are still no better for Black and Brown people in his district, especially for those residing in Racine and Kenosha.

A year ago, it was thought by some that former Racine City Council President John Tate II who also served – upon the request of Governor Tony Evers – as Chair designee of the state’s Parole Board, would be a perfect candidate to oppose Steil in 2024; however, the Wisconsin Democratic Party, along with Evers, fumbled the ball, and all but caused the demise of Tate’s political career, although many of us are still standing by him. The funny thing about the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is, they use Black political capital to get elected, then comes the dagger to stab us in the back, it never fails.

So, without Tate in the picture, who else would be a good candidate from our area to represent the needs of the disenfranchised and marginalized Black and Brown communities that are continuing to suffer because of being politically ignored and underrepresented in Congress?

Trevor Jung
Trevor Jung – Credit: Trevor Jung Facebook page

Not to worry, there are a few wholesome prospects that I feel would fit the criteria of racially tolerant and liberal candidates to serve our First District. For instance, a good choice would be Trevor Jung who currently serves as the Transit & Mobility Director for the City of Racine. Although I do not know if he has any intentions to enter the political realm, Director Jung has a sense of humility which includes racial equality, and astute political savvy that would allow him to serve not only the people of this district but also the country.

Another sound prospect is Racine’s former Second District County Board Supervisor Fabi Maldonado. Maldonado is a natural-born leader and is driven by a personal dedication to always deliver his best effort, not to mention he is a great political innovator.

Fabi Maldonado
Fabi Maldonado – Credit: Fabi Maldonado Facebook page

There are others – Black, White and Hispanic – who could also fit the design; however, some of them fit too well and may turn out to be political zombies willing to follow the same old threadbare dictates that keep our marginalized communities in a state of disenfranchisement.

C.T. 7/12/23 Chester Todd’s One Black Man’s Opinion OBMO

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