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RACINE — Four electric bikes (e-bikes) are now available to The City of Racine Public Health Department employees as a part of the E-Bike at Work Program.

In the state of Wisconsin, the City of Racine is one of the first governmental departments to adopt this alternative means of transportation. The use of an e-bike is often referred to as smart mobility.

E-bike at Work Program

Racine's Public Health Department among first in the state to adopt E-Bike at Work Program
The Racine, Wisconsin Public Health Department has used a grant to purchase four Electra Townie 5i E-Bikes for staff members to use in their fieldwork. © Mark Hertzberg

The E-Bike at Work Program is one component of the Wellness Program. Overall, it works to help promote a  healthier lifestyle for employees.

“By promoting active transportation, the Public Health Department demonstrates corporate social responsibility while improving employee wellbeing and ensuring that the Public Health Department is a leader for healthy living,” states the release.

Program benefits

Key benefits of the E-Bike at Work Program include the following:

  • improved employee health and wellbeing
  • increased productivity
  • reduced impact of  traffic on the local community
  • employee retention and motivation
  • reduced need for car parking spaces

“I’m thrilled to utilize e-bikes for water quality monitoring, site surveys and light work,” said AJ Koski, Laboratory Grant  Coordinator for the City of Racine Public Health Department. He added “They bring numerous advantages to the table,  including reduced air pollution and a low cost per mile. What’s more, these rides provide an opportunity for some extra exercise, which not only cuts down on healthcare expenses but also enhances productivity. It’s a win-win situation for  shorter trips, benefiting the city, the environment and personal well-being.”

Acceptable use of e-bikes

The E-bikes can be used to meet the needs of:

  •  travel to and from meetings
  • water quality sampling sites
  • community health home visits
  • environmental health inspections
Racine's Public Health Department among first in the state to adopt E-Bike at Work Program
With the new E-Bike at Work Program, staff are able to travel to and from meetings, water quality sampling sites and more. © Mark Hertzberg

“Staff are trained to use the e-bike and are required to wear a bike helmet, safety vest, and appropriate shoes and clothes while riding. In addition, the e-bikes are outfitted with lights, reflectors, and baskets to safely carry work supplies.” stated Dottie-Kay Bowersox, Public Health Administrator. “I am delighted that staff are excited to engage in  this practical means of transportation and cost savings.”

Connecting with local business

The new e-bikes for the E-Bike at Work Program were purchased through a grant to complete a variety of job responsibilities and purchased from the Trek Bicycle Store Racine, 5509 Durand Ave.

The Townie Go! model was purchased in consultation with John Rodriguez from the local store. The e-bike line features bikes that are easy to ride for optimum use and reliability.

Stay up to date with regular updates from the City of Racine through their newsletter, in addition to visiting their website for more information.

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