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RACINE — North and Zoo Beaches remain closed for swimming on Monday, Aug. 7.

The closure was made by the City of Racine Public Health Department and was announced on Sunday, Aug. 6.

The closure was announced due to unsafe waves and current conditions at both beaches.

Racine North Beach other beaches map
Screenshot of the City of Racine’s Interactive Beach Map – Credit:

Interactive Beach Map

Daily water conditions at North Beach, Zoo Beach, and Samuel Myer Beach are available on the interactive beach map through the City of Racine.

In addition, it is recommended for beachgoers’ safety always to obey posted warnings and advisories at the beach.

Safety and compliance on public beaches

To also keep safe while at the beach visitors must refrain from blocking the area in front of the lifeguard chairs, boats, or rescue boards, as this may impede potential rescue operations.

Additionally, when the beach reopens, visitors should only take place within the protected area, as lifeguards reserve the right to restrict swimming in the interest of public safety when hazardous conditions are present.

Prohibited activities

The City of Racine Ordinance strictly prohibits certain activities within the park and beach area.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited except in the designated North Beach Oasis area.

Additionally, motorized vehicles are prohibited on beaches, in addition to glass containers and fires. Furthermore, the presence of dogs or other pets in the park and beach areas is strictly forbidden.


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