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A bachelor’s degree is one of the most important qualifications anyone can get. It takes years of dedication and investment. However, it’s not the end of the road in your career development; indeed, it’s just the beginning. If you’ve checked the job market lately, you may agree that unemployment is quite high. The competition for the best positions is fierce, regardless of your expertise.

Let’s consider the case of Wisconsin for a moment. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the workforce in 2023 should be around 3 million. However, there are only 40,871 graduate students this year. And if you happen to obtain one of the post-master NP degrees available in Wisconsin for example, you’ll likely be among the elite 2% of job candidates.

This is a good reason to consider higher degree studies, but there are other compelling reasons shared in this article that should convince you in terms of the benefits of having a postgraduate degree toward your career development.

Knowledge is power (and money)

Francis Bacon probably wasn’t thinking about finding a job when he coined this phrase. It doesn’t make it any less true to job seekers and professionals who are well aware that highly specialized positions require highly trained professionals. The problem is that highly trained professionals aren’t easy to find these days, as the numbers above indicate.

Simply put, all things being equal, your educational level can place you above most of the competition and open the doors for better jobs. This would positively translate into higher income. Back in 2021, the weekly wage of a professional with a master’s degree was nearly $240 higher than a bachelor’s. It means that the investment in a postgraduate degree could repay itself within a few years, providing lifetime benefits in return.

Reasons not related to money why postgraduate studies, degree is important

There are many things that money can’t buy, and it’s true that there are some things that only knowledge can help achieve. Here are some reasons for getting a postgrad degree, which are not financially motivated.

Personal gratification

You would notice that the statistics say only about 2% of the labor force is starting graduate school this year. Well, that’s just the beginning. Unlike undergraduate studies where you’re force-fed information about things you’re not really into, you’ll have much more freedom as a postgrad student. You can pick a subject of your interest and go deeper into it.

Improve your credibility

A postgraduate degree means your knowledge has been validated in a particular field. It shows a deeper level of specialization. In an academic context, it results in broader peer recognition. In the job market, it’s documentary evidence of your expertise.

Change your career path entirely

Would you like to change careers entirely but can’t be bothered going through another undergraduate education? Luckily, you don’t have to: many professionals use the postgrad degree as the turning point in their careers. For instance, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) could be the stepping stone for an engineer to become a business professional.

Make it happen – how to afford grad school

Postgraduate education can be costly and time-consuming. However, the rewards are long-lasting, and there are some tips shared below that can help you get through it.

Scholarships and grants

Scholarships and grants are the most sought-after student financial aid out there. After all, they’re the gateway to free education, which is no wonder why it’s challenging to obtain one. Those benefits are usually granted based on merit and financial needs. You can get them from your school, federal programs or private organizations.

Get support from your company

You can get support from your employer to pursue higher specialization if it’s in the company’s interest. Indeed, if more companies knew that the return on investment (ROI) of tuition assistance programs could go up to 144%, surely there would be more such programs being offered.

Build knowhow

You don’t need to jump straight from your bachelor’s degree to postgraduate studies. Professional experience can be a competitive advantage when applying for a scholarship. In other words, professional experience increases your chances of getting free education through scholarships and grants.

Moving forward

There are many compelling reasons to get back to the classroom and acquire more knowledge for specialization in your career field. If not for anything, it can help you gain peer recognition and make your resume look more appealing to companies in your field.

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