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KENOSHA COUNTY — For the last 40 years, western Kenosha County has been home to the Sharing Center. Some call it a food pantry, others know it as the place they can pick up clothing, diapers and school supplies when they can’t afford to purchase much. Still, others call it the place they receive help finding a place to lay their heads at night.

The Sharing Center
The Sharing Center is located at 25700 Wilmot Road, Trevor, WI 53179.

The Sharing Center is all of these things and so much more.

Each year, the center sees a few hundred people come through their doors to volunteer, but a core group of around 40 volunteers keep the wheels turning and the shelves stocked.

Humble beginnings

It all started in 1982 when a friendly chat between friends revealed a shared endeavor: helping those in need. Kathy Fors and Marilyn Chalet, two of the three founders of the Sharing Center, were sharing conversation over a cup of coffee and discovered they both had been “exhausting” their pantry cupboards in order to give to those who were in need within the Wheatland Estates Mobile Home Park.

Together, the friends—including Kathy’s husband, Rick—started the Sharing Center, during a recession, in 1983.

The Sharing Center today

The Sharing Center
Pantry Manager Stephanie Witkiewicz stands with a volunteer in front of the resource wall. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux

Stephanie Witkiewicz is the Pantry Manager at the Sharing Center. She explained that this invaluable community resource has a special goal:

“We are in the business to help you not come back,” said Witkiewicz.

A myriad of services

Witkiewicz understands that those who are in need of one thing are most likely in need of several others. Therefore, the goal of the Sharing Center is to provide a comprehensive approach to serving those in need.


From families who are in need of services that can help them pay rent or utility bills in emergency situations to those in need of housing, the Sharing Center has resources to serve the community.

Food Pantry

The food pantry at the center is known for its healthy food options and abundance of items. Even people with dietary restrictions can shop with peace of mind knowing that they have been considered in the organization of the food pantry. Along with food supplies, the pantry offers cleaning supplies, pet food and hygiene items.

In May 2022, the Sharing Center began an online ordering program that has been quite successful.

“Online shopping has created a confidential convenience for visitors who may be limited on time and are interested in further protecting their privacy,” said Witkiewicz. “It has become a very popular option since its inception, and the number of users increases each month.”

It’s also a helpful service for those with small children, those with physical limitations and the senior population as well.

Giving back

The Sharing Center is the grateful recipient of several area food and hygiene drives. Local schools, businesses and other organizations dedicate their time and energy to providing for this invaluable community resource.

In November 2022, Wheatland Center School had a “Stuff the Bus” challenge that yielded over 6,000 items being donated to the center’s food pantry.

  • The Sharing Center
  • The Sharing Center
  • The Sharing Center
  • The Sharing Center
  • The Sharing Center
  • The Sharing Center

Household and clothing closet

Community members, schools and businesses have all donated countless items to the center’s food pantry and closets. They offer gently-used clothing and household items as well as new items when those are donated. Winter outerwear is available, which is most definitely needed for Wisconsin winters.

Children’s services

Raising a family is expensive. Diapers, wipes, formula and baby food is an ongoing, costly expense. Families can find these items at the center, along with other items like car seats and even holiday gifts.

Employment assistance

A more recent addition to the Sharing Center is its expanded employment assistance programming. As the center has grown, so have the number of connections and resources available to them. Complete with certain levels of job training and partners who work alongside the center, they have created something akin to a mini-employment agency.

Many people who are in need of employment may not have the tools they need to find—and keep—a job. Things like free financial coaching from UW-Extension, partnering with people to obtain their GEDs, resume writing, even trades training has been offered through the center.


The staff and volunteers at the Sharing Center can offer confidential assistance with sensitive issues such as domestic violence, mental health advocacy, even dental and medical advocacy. Special programming for seniors and veterans is available as well.

The center works closely with more than 80 organizations across the state to serve the wide array of needs within the community. Thousands of referrals are made each year to places such as Food Share, Energy Assistance (UMOS), Kenosha Human Development Services, Kenosha Community Health Center, ADRC, WIC, KAFASI, and Women’s and Children’s Horizons, to name a handful.

“Our goal is to be the rural epicenter of services/connections in Kenosha County so that people (clients) are able to access what they need in the most efficient way possible,” said Witkiewicz.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw an increase in need, and also in programs to assist those in need. Now that the pandemic programming has largely ended, places like the Sharing Center have had to be vigilant to make sure their clients were cared for, post-Covid programming.

The Sharing Center
Sharon Pomaville has been the Executive Director for the last 12 years. – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux

Sharon Pomaville has been the Executive Director for the last 12 years. She touched on just how much was being provided over the last few years in an email interview. There were three programs—WERA, Take Root WI, and emergency Foodshare— that provided extensive assistance to the participants at the Sharing Center. These programs all ended earlier this year. In Wisconsin alone, these programs provided more than $1 billion annually to residents.

Part of what has made the Sharing Center successful coming out of the pandemic was their attention to detail. They immersed themselves in “multiple ‘unwinding’ initiatives to help us be informed and respond constructively to what could be a literal crisis” after the programs had ended.

‘Road to the 40th’

Now in its 40th year, the Sharing Center is celebrating in a big way. On Sept. 14, everyone is invited to join the Sharing Center’s “Road to the 40th” Celebration at Wilmot Mountain Resort’s Snow Tubing Hill.

The celebration is a way to pay tribute to all of the people who have helped the center become what it is today and the achievements it has made over the last four decades.

Those who attend will enjoy a signature refreshment and gourmet food from local restaurateurs, live music, an extensive raffle with thousands of dollars in items and much more. Those who wish may enjoy the whiskey and cigar lounge as well.

Tickets are on sale now for $50 and can be purchased online. For more information about the anniversary celebration, visit the events page on their website.

Connect with the Sharing Center

The Sharing Center is located at 25700 Wilmot Road, Trevor, Wis., 53179. They can be reached by phone: 262-298-5535, through their website, or by visiting the center.

Food pantry hours:
Monday 11 a.m.–1 p.m.
Wednesday 11 a.m.–1 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m.–11 a.m.
Evenings, nights and weekends by appointment.

Office/donation hours:
Monday 9 a.m.–2 p.m.
Tuesday 9 a.m.–1 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m.–2 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

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